Top 3 Best Propane Powered Generators

Generators can help in situations where you don’t have power, such as natural disasters or home construction projects. They can also give you power while camping, while at an outdoor concert, or virtually anywhere you might need it.

All you need is a fuel source and you’ll be ready to go! Propane, in particular, is one of the most popular because it’s relatively affordable and easy to find. To help you narrow down your choices out of the many propane powered generators that are on the market, take a look at the top three below.


Best Propane Powered Generators

1. Westinghouse Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator


This portable generator is ideal for anyone who wants a unit that is powered by propane, although it can also run on gasoline. It features 3240 rated watts and 4180 peak watts when running on propane in particular and comes with an intuitive control panel that’s user-friendly and well-designed. As an RV-ready generator, this is perfect for travel but can also be used around the house thanks to the wheels that allow it to glide effortlessly.

Surrounded by heavy-duty casing, this unit can withstand a lot of use, making it perfect for construction sites or household improvement projects. The electric push-button is an added benefit, which comes with a key fob remote so you can start it from a distance when you need it on right away. To power your appliances or electronics, there is a TT-30R 120V outlet, 20R 120V duplex outlets, and an L5-30 30 amp outlet. As an EPA, CSA, and CARB Compliant product, this is safe to use and will likely last for years even with regular use. know how to run a generator.



  • Remote start so you can turn on from a distance
  •  Easy-to-read fuel gauge
  •  Come with oil funnel, oil, user manual and tool kit so you can get started right away
  •  Minimal assembly is required before use
  •  Wheels make it easy to take around the house or anywhere else


  •  Wheels break off easily
  •  Fuel line can leak, which can cost you money
  •  Choke lever can break easily
  •  Poor quality control by the manufacturer


2. Champion Power Equipment 3800 Dual Fuel Portable Generator –

This is another excellent generator that runs on propane, however, it also runs on gas! This gives you flexibility based on your budget, what’s available, and what you need to do. It features 4750 starting watts and 3800 running watts that adds up to 10.5 hours of run time on a 20lb propane tank.


However, if you’re using gas, you’ll get around 9 hours of run time on a full tank. The 224cc engine has a push-button electric start with a battery included, making this easy to use and a convenient choice.This propane powered generator has outlets for virtually anything you need to supply power to, with 120V 30A RV outlets, (2) 120V 20A household outlets, and more.



  •  Runs longer on propane than gas
  •  Easy to use with push-button start
  •  Secure casing and wheels to make transport easy
  •  Folding handle
  •  EPA/CARB Certified for safety and peace of mind


Return policy difficult to redeem
 Louder than other generators
 May come with defective parts that need to be replaced
 Heavier than anticipated and can be difficult to carry (must use wheels)


3. DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator


This DuroMax generator maximizes efficiency by allowing owners to use either propane or gas as they would like. Nicknamed “beast”, this unit is a solid option thanks to its solid construction and powerful engine. The heavy duty frame, in particular, is built with attached wheels to make moving the unit from one area to another as easy as possible.

When it comes to the engine, it can run 10 hours on gas at 50% maximum output and 20 hours on propane at the same output. On the user-friendly interface, you’ll find an auto-throttle switch, engine switch, oil alert lamp, recharge indicator, ac circuit protectors, volt meter, and plugs for anything you need to charge.

One thing most buyers notice when they first see this generator is that it’s more expensive than others on the market. While this is true, many feel that it’s worth it because of the power that it has to offer. This includes 12,000 watts of power that can get you through a storm or allow you to finish a project without running out of the power that you need.


  •  457cc DuroMax OHV engine that supplies reliable power
  •  Individual breakers for safety and to prevent overpowering
  •  You can choose between gas and propane for fuel
  •  Can run for a long time when you need it the most
  •  Wheels make it easy to take around the house or on trips


  •  Much more expensive than other generators
  •  Very heaving weighing over 250 pounds
  •  Only parts are covered under warranty
  •  Wheels aren’t high quality and can easily break
  •  Can be too loud for residential areas

A Quality Propane Generator


A generator is well worth having in your home, even if you don’t expect to use it on a regular basis. This is especially true if you live in an area that experiences bad weather and storms that can cut your power for hours or days. The propane powered generators that are listed above are some of the best, with great reviews and noteworthy qualities.


If you’re looking for something reliable, they will not disappoint. With the addition of a tank of propane, you’ll be ready to take on anything that comes your way, whether it’s a hurricane that cuts your power or a home project that requires the power to be off.

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