Honda 2800 Watt Generator Review Of 2021

Honda is well known for making reliable generators as well as very reliable cars. However, the performance and quality vary from model to model. In this Honda 2800 Watt generator review, we’ll cover the pros and cons of the Honda Model EG2800IAG generator.

Honda Model EG2800IAG 2800 Watt Generator Review

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The model EG2800IAG generator by Honda has 2500 running watts. The model number refers to the 2800 watt surge or starting capacity. The I in the model number refers to the built-in inverter. This unit is sometimes listed as model number EG2800iXA.

That inverter acts as a kind of battery, providing the surge capacity up to 2800 watts. It also results in better power quality than the average generator, making it safe to plug in your smart devices without worrying about voltage fluctuations that can fry a circuit card. This generator has less than three percent THD. It provides 20.8 running amps and 23.3 amps as a peak load. This is one of the best generators for home use in the market.


This is a compact generator. It is roughly 20 inches cubed. The seventy-pound weight is reasonable given its size. The open cube-shaped metal frame maximizes airflow to the engine while allowing you to store it in a small storage compartment.

One point in favor of this model is the built-in CO minder. That’s the fancy name for its carbon monoxide detector. Furthermore, it has somewhat standard low oil and overload protection systems.

It has a fuel-efficient gasoline engine. It will run eight hours on half load and up to twelve hours on a quarter load. And that is on a two gallon fuel tank.

While it relies on a recoil start, you’ll typically start it with just one pull. This is a significant improvement from generators that require multiple pulls to start, and it is such a common problem that other units advertise their push-button start as the alternative.

This generator has very low emissions and a built-in spark arrestor. It is rated both CARB compliant and EPA compliant. That means you can take it into national parks and run it as a backup power source in California. For example, it has enough power output to run the average refrigerator and microwave at the same time.

And it is legal to operate anywhere else, too. If you’re camping, it has enough power to run a radiant heater, blender and radio. It probably won’t be enough to run an RV air conditioner, but it isn’t designed to be plug-and-play with RVs.

The 62 dB noise output at a quarter load and 67 db at a full load is quieter than the average generator.


An honest Honda 2800 Watt generator review will include the problems with the generator. This generator is not RV ready. It doesn’t have any DC outlets. It also only has a single 120 volt 30 amp outlet and one duplex 120 volt 20 amp outlet. The 30 amp 120 volt receptacle is intended to let you plug it into a transfer switch so it can provide backup power to your home.

While this generator has good power quality, it lacks a USB plug or other port for plugging sensitive electronics into the generator. You’ll have to get your own adapter to charge smart devices from the generator.


  •  Relatively quiet
  •  Very portable
  •  Abundant safety features


  •  Not RV ready
  •  Few power plugs in general

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