Top 5 Best Super Quiet Portable Generators

A generator is a great device to have on-hand due to the fact that it can supply you with power just about anywhere you might be. Unfortunately, they can be loud. The strong buzzing noise that’s generated when they are supplying power can be enough to make you not want to use them. This is especially true if you’re using this type of appliance in a quiet neighborhood where loud noises are easy to identify.

Does this mean you have to skip out on owning a generator? No! The good news is that there are super quiet portable generators available that you can use without being bothered. While most are decent options, the five super quiet portable generators that are listed above are the best. These won’t let you down and will supply you with the quiet power you need for household projects, power outages, or any other situation.

 Top 5 Best Super Quiet Portable Generators

1. Jackery 500Wh Portable Generator

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This portable generator is designed to provide 500Wh of power per hour without making noise that’s going to bother you or those around you. This can mean over three hours of power for televisions, up to 6 charges for a laptop battery, or steady power for a small fridge, coffee machine, or other small devices. For flexibility with what you charge, there are (2) 5V 2.1A USB Ports, (2) 12V DC 6MM Ports, an input for solar or AC adapter charging, an AC output plug, and 12V Car Port Plug.

You can easily carry this with the built-in handle along the top, and seeing what you’re charging is easy with the LCD display. In a dark area? Don’t worry! This generator has a built-in flashlight that provides light when you need it the most. With the option to charge this with solar power, you never have to worry about running out of power.


– 24-month warranty with great customer service included
– Easy to carry thanks to the built-in handle
– Designed with a durable exterior
– LCD screen makes it easy to see
– Built-in flashlight adds a layer of safety and security in dark areas
– Doesn’t make noise


– More expensive than other generators
– Ports can be difficult to get to work
– Solar panels to charge can be difficult to find
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2. Honda EU2000IC Companion Portable Generator

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This generator is ultra-portable not only because of the minimal weight but also because of the easy carry handle that’s built right into the top. With 1000 Watts of power, you can use this to keep fans running, power up a few lights, keep the food in your fridge cold, or charge your phone and laptop.

It’s extremely quiet and fuel-efficient so you can rely on it in just about any situation, from bad weather that knocks the power out to camping when you need on-the-go power. With just .6 gallons of gas, you can have 7.1 hours of power, making this one of the most efficient units on the market.


– Features an inverter for more stable power
– Lightweight at less than 29lbs
– Super quiet so you don’t have to worry about noise output
– Runs on gas to make fueling affordable


– Not ideal for large appliances or electronics
– Big price tag compared to other options
– Doesn’t warn you when it’s low on fuel

3. Westinghouse iGen Quiet Poertable Inverter Generator

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Being more affordable than the first two generators, you might be wondering why this is one of the best super quiet portable generators out there. The truth is, with this brand, price doesn’t compromise quality. You still get a hard-working device that you can rely on for steady power for home projects, bad weather, camping, etc. There are several options available, including a 2200 watt and 2500 watt model, both of which have excellent reviews and more power than some other brands offer.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be getting a device that’s extremely quiet yet fuel efficient. Each is strong enough to run everyday essentials, such as lamps, small fridges, laptops, phones, and televisions. This generator runs on gas and comes with (2) 12V 20 amp outlets to make it easy to charge any device you need to power up.


– 52dB noise output, which is much quieter than other portable generators
– Can run for 10 hours at 25% load capacity
– 3-year warranty included for peace of mind
– Lifetime customer support included
– Easy to carry with built-in handle
– Much more affordable than other generators with the same power


– Not as powerful as anticipated
– Can stop working due to faulty wiring
– Fire hazard
– Not as reputable as other brands on the market
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4. Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator

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Boasting super quiet operation, this portable generator by Honda is one that’s worth considering. With 1000 watts of power, you can use this to power your small electronics, power tools, camping equipment, lights, and other small devices on-the-go. You can even carry it with you thanks to the handle that’s built into the top for easy transportation.

With dynamic fuel efficiency, you can expect this to run for over 8 hours at 25% load. The plugs and outlets are situated on the front of the generator and there’s an easy on/off switch located on the side. For added durability, there are four feet on the bottom to keep the unit in place.


– dBA is between 53 to 59, meaning it’s whisper quiet
– Reputable brand that most contractors and homeowners trust
– Easy to carry and small enough to pack with you anywhere
– Bright red color makes it easy to find outdoors


– Not powerful enough for large appliances
– Customer service isn’t as great as other brands
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5. Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet Inverter Generator

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If you’re looking for a portable generator that’s easy to use, this may be the model for you. It features a Powerdial that integrates the run, stop, and start functions to make it incredibly easy to use.

It also as a clear screen that tells you how much time is remaining, what level the power is at, and how much fuel is left in the tank. Below this, you’ll find a 120V plug and control for turbo, standard, or economy use. With a 25% load, you can expect this to run almost 8 hours, making it a fuel efficient option that you can rely on. If you need more power, simply parallel two devices together!


– Says it’s quieter than similar Honda generators
– Electronic fuel gauge so you clearly see fuel levels
– Power bar clearly displays wattage levels
– Easy to carry and lightweight for travel


– Bad customer service for those who have needed it
– Display may stop working
– Getting repairs out of warranty is difficult
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Choosing Your Super Quiet Portable Generator

With any of the options above, you’re going to get a quiet generator that you can take just about anywhere. So, which should you choose? This decision should ultimately be based on what you can afford, which offers the features you like, and reviews. With each being great options, you won’t be disappointed!

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