Best Rv Generator Canada Of 2021(Never Miss)

Whether you use your RV as a recreational vehicle or to bond with your family during vacations, you should buy the best generator. But with the numerous models out there, it can be overwhelming to find something that suits your needs. Here is a detailed review of the best RV generator Canada has to offer.

Best Rv Generator Canada Reviews

a-iPower SUA 2000iV Super Quiet Generator

This is the best RV generator for outdoor enthusiasts. One big reason why it has earned the top spot is versatility. It can handle a wide range of appliances during camping, at home, or on the job site.


This unit is fitted with a multi-switch that integrates the start/stop functions. It operates the engine on/off, chokes, and fuel level.


A-iPower is incredibly powerful – it provides 2000 peak and 1600 running watts. Also, it comes with a 1.1-gallon fuel tank that can take the user for 9 hours at full load.

The SUA2000iV is one of the quietest units out there. The 58d BA noise level won’t wake up the neighbors.

Inverter technology

One feature that makes the A-iPower stack up above the competition is the inverter technology. This means that the device can accommodate sensitive power equipment like laptops, tablets, and more. Besides, the inverter modules can convert raw power from DC to AC.

Parallel Capability

This feature allows you to link two generators for double the power. And because you don’t need any external parallel kit, you get added convenience while reducing cost.

To ensure your convenience, this unit comes with an AC/DC adapter plug – it’s convenient for your mobile devices.


  • Portable and easy to use
  • Highly versatile
  • Fuel efficient
  • One of the quietest out there
  • Supplies stable power


  • Heavier than comparable models

Generac GP3500Io RV Inverter Generator

Generac is a portable generator for RV enthusiasts. It offers clean and uninterruptable power to make your camping a breeze.

Start type

This unit uses Generic PowerRush technology and allows you to pull a higher burst of power at startup. It also accommodates the traditional manual pull cord.

Control panel

It features a control switch, a built-in hour meter, and a grounding location. There are also three indicator lights. One flash when the fuel is low, the second when the generator is in use, and the third one when the fuel is running low.

The control panel has five outlets: one 120V 30A, two 5V USB ports, and 120V 20A AC outlets.

Runtime and fuel efficiency

The GP3500Io model runs on gasoline. It features an OHV 4-stroke engine and offers an impressive running time of up to 11 hours at half load. But what makes this unit unique is the automatic shut-off. It activates when the oil runs low and ensures the unit doesn’t spark in volatile environments.

Noise level

This noise level for this unit is rated at 40db, so it’s ideal for noise-sensitive environments. And because it runs on unique technology, it’s 50% quieter than the 3000W models.


This generator weighs 74 lbs. and can be used with minimal fuss in uneven terrains.

Unlike comparable models, Generac is parallel-ready and connects two units to get double power.


  • The lightweight design allows for portability
  • The automatic shut-off feature signals the user when the oil level is low
  • Can run over 11 hours on a full tank
  • The parallel kit allows for the connection of two units
  • Provides clean energy


  • The parallel kit is sold separately

Champion Power Equipment 4000W Digital Hybrid Inverter

Champion 4000W generator is a perfect addition to your RV. It’s cost-effective and can be helpful during emergencies. What’s more, it comes with a parallel kit that increases your power output.


This model comes with the standard 30A RV outlet and adequate power necessary to start operating the air conditioning unit. Also, it comes with cold start technology and a 3-way ignition switch. And with the wireless start, you can start the unit when you’re 80 feet away.


The big fuel tank provides a running time of 12 hours on half load. It’s also designed to protect your appliances from voltage spikes thanks to the surge protector. If you switch to energy-saving mode, the unit will run for more than 17 hours. This generator is powerful to run your accessories during outdoor events.

Duel fuel

This generator runs on gasoline or propane. It has a dual-USB 12V USB output outlet, two 120V 20A household outlets, and a 120V 30A RV.


Perhaps it’s the strongest point for this unit. The sturdy steel frame features a holding handle to ensure ease of transportation.

Noise level

This device is quieter than other standard generators and produces fewer emissions. The noise level is rated at 64dBA.


  • Comes with 3-year technical support
  • Parallel ready
  • The economy mode saves fuel
  • Offers extended running time
  • Whisper quiet


  • It can be challenging to fill the gas tank

Champion 3400W Portable Generator Inverter

Champion 3400W combines versatility and convenience. It features cold start technology and helps you connect sensitive equipment with confidence. Because this unit is specifically designed for RV enthusiasts, it comes with a dedicated 120V outlet. Another great perk about the Champion is that it has external adapters. This is a respectable unit that gives enough power and nice features.


The generator features a sturdy frame to ensure durability. Once you buy the unit, you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

Low oil shut off sensor

This model is smart- once it senses the oil level is running low, it shuts off automatically. It ensures there’s no damage to the internal components. The generator also excels when it comes to features like automatic voltage protection and overload protection.

Duel fuel generator

This unit gives you two fuel choices – gasoline and propane. And the switch happens with a push of a button. When you run the unit continuously, it can take you 20 hours without refueling. In terms of fuel economy, you can be sure this model will serve you for many years.


Since the generator is designed for RV enthusiasts, it’s lighter and smaller than comparable models. Also, it comes with built-in wheels which makes the task of moving around a breeze. In terms of size, this unit will give more than you expect from other comparable models. If you’re running out of space in your RV, the generator can help you maneuver tight spaces.

Power output

This unit offers 3100 running watts and 3400 starting watts. This is enough to run any RV with demanding refrigerators. The truth is, most conventional generators are not good at running portable equipment like fridges, LCDs, etc. But the champion doesn’t suffer from this problem. It operates well below the 3THD threshold, not to mention, it combines the best from both worlds.

Parallel Capability

This model is whisper quiet – it operates at 60dB (this can be compared to an idling car engine). Even at higher levels, it’s quieter than portable models. And that’s why campers like this generator a lot.

What happens if you’re camping out there and you need more power to run several appliances? You can get another inverter and connect them. If you connect two 3400W generators, you’ll end up with 6800 (starting watts).


  • Easy to use
  • Low noise level
  • High performance
  • Easy to switch between gas and propane
  • Comes with cold start technology


  • A bit expensive

Generac GP3000i Quiet Generator

The GP3000i model generates power without producing an overwhelming noise. And because this unit is parallel-ready, you can connect two generators to get more power. But what makes this unit stack up above the competition is that it allows you to charge small devices like phones, laptops, etc. This is an excellent model for those who don’t want to trade performance over cost.

PowerRush Patented Technology

It delivers 3000 starting and 2300 starting watts. And because of PowerRush Technology, this unit delivers 50% starting capacity. You don’t have to worry that the generator will accidentally blow your devices in the case.

Lightweight design

This unit comes with easy-to-carry handles to ensure your portability.

Quiet inverter power

This unit is designed to reduce sound emissions and to provide maximum power. It will ensure you enjoy your camping in a quiet environment. When camping in the wilderness, the last thing you want to hear is the annoying noise of a generator. And this is what this model offers.

True power technology

Generac GP3000i produces clean and stable power for sensitive appliances and electronics.

Dual fueling ability

This unit supports both gasoline and propane. It gives a longer runtime and allows for fueling flexibility.


  • Comes with a built-in fuel gauge
  • The running time supports different applications
  • Affordable
  • Can be set as a parallel unit
  • Whisper quiet


  • No information on warranty


RVers looking for an alternative energy option can’t go wrong with the above units. They excel in terms of low noise level, performance, quality, and more. In your search for the best RV generator Canada has to offer, you should consider a model that gives enough wattage to support all your appliances.

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