Top 7 Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews Of 2020 ( Honest Review)

If you want to make quick cuts through materials like wood, plastic, or metal, you need a high degree of precision and accuracy. The best reciprocating saw should be versatile and powerful, no matter the task you throw at it. Here is a detailed review of the best brands in the market.

01. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw


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The XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating saw is a great option for electricians, remodelers, HAVC, and plumbers who want faster cutting performance. While it may look bulkier than one hand model, the saw performs just like other professional brands.

This model is designed to cut wood, thin/medium metal, and PVC. And because of the unmatched versatility, it can be used in some awkward positions.

The MAX XR offers 1-1/8″ stroke length, which helps to stabilize the cut. Also, the saw comes with a bright LED light that illuminates the working surface. Because this tool is specialized for wood and metal cutting, you get features like variable speed trigger and 4-position blade clamp.

 Size and weight

While the overall design is shorter than the standard model, it compensates with the taller form factor. However, this is the heaviest saw in the class due to the 5.0Amh battery. But when you compare with other cordless models, the 20V MAR XR has undergone significant weight improvement. Keep in mind that this model is fitted with a new power technology that recognizes the type of battery you’re using.


  •  Offers better cutting performance
  •  Comes with 4-position blade clamp
  • Provides faster cutting than the competition
  •  Lever action blade release


  •  Heaviest in the class

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02. DEWALT (DWE305) 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw

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DEWALT DWE305 features a powerful 12Amp motor for heavy-duty activities. This is the best reciprocating saw that boasts of a powerful engine. You get the highest cutting speed of 2900 strokes per minute. This means that you can use it to cut metals, fiberglass, plastics, and other materials commonly used in the construction business.

 Ergonomic grip

This model is comfortable to use thanks to the rubbery grip. It absorbs vibrations to avoid hurting your hand. Besides that, this model promises safety without compromising on productivity.

Speed trigger

It’s engineered with a fluctuating speed trigger that allows you to adjust the machine to your requirements. For example, you need a higher speed when cutting metals than cutting cardboards or thin tree branches. To increase the speed of the saw, you press the trigger – this is the simplicity with great efficiency.

 Quick easy blade changes

This model features a keyless lever-force clamp that allows for quick and easy blade changes. The lever supports four-blade postures.

Control at the users’ hands

This model ensures the user gets the controlling authority thanks to the changing speed lever.

 Compressed and lightweight design

The reciprocating saw features a lightweight design and keeps the materials you cut balanced.


  •  A variable speed control
  •  Keyless lever-action blade
  •  Powerful amp motor


  •  No tool bag included in the purchase
  •  No vibration control system

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03. WORX WX550L 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw with Orbital Mode


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WORX WX550L is an innovative tool that eliminates the need for additional tools by combining a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw. You can switch to the mode you want with just a simple push of a button. Furthermore, the motor is placed on the side of the saw’s body and can rotate in a synchronized position. This prevents slippage and misalignments from taking place.

Because this model gives a continuous stream of power, the cuts are more efficient and precise. If you want every cut to be of the highest quality, this feature will pique your interest.


What makes this the best reciprocating saw is the fact that it allows you to make twists/turns. It’s lightweight, compact, and cordless so you can maneuver tight spaces seamlessly.

To flip the saw, you push the button and lock the blade in place. When you have two saws integrated into one, you gain more control of your worksite.

 Speed and stroke strength

Because the saw has no load-motor, it can reach speeds of up to 3000 RPM. While this model may not have the highest stroke length, you can potentially use any blade you have (regardless of brand). With the near blade selection, this is a feature you can complement perfectly.

 Built-in dust blower

This is a rare feature in most reciprocating saws. At the bottom of the saw, you’ll find a port that helps to remove dust and debris. No matter the project you’re working on, dust is not something you’re willing to trade with. Think about it – too much dust will increase the time you spend on your project, not to mention it poses a significant health risk.

 Orbital action mode

On the top side of this model, you’ll find an orange switch. In projects such as demolition, you can aggressively cut through the pieces of wood. For perfectionists who need accurate cuts, the orbital mode can be a helpful feature.


  •  Comes with a variable speed trigger
  •  Innovative design
  •  Wider blade compatibility
  •  Easy to change the blades


  •  The safety switch doesn’t coincide with the hand or finger


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04. Makita JR3070CT Reciprocal Saw


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The JR3070CT model comes with user-friendly features that suit your workshop needs. It’s designed to deliver superior power with less vibration. The 15-amp motor maintains constant speed while the built-in gear reduces damage when you disengage the gears. This saw can be modified in a wide range of applications including remodeling, wood, plastic, drywall, etc.


Less vibration

Makita comes with a counterbalance system (AVT) for efficient cutting power. Also, it features a durable design that keeps dust and debris away. You can be sure you won’t lose control when working on tough materials at a higher speed.


The variable-speed dials allow for different preset speeds to meet your specific application, while the electronic speed control helps you maintain a steady pace while cutting. You don’t have to worry that the blade will blog down.

 Ergonomic design

All buttons and switches are easily accessible thanks to the ergonomic design. You also get 6-speed presets so you can choose the most ideal speed that suits you best. Of course, the electronic control will ensure a consistent speed throughout the cut. This tool’s blade can easily be changed – it’s a one-hand operation.


This tool features a sturdy metal case that makes it durable and super-efficient.


  •  Features a patented anti-vibration technology
  •  Comes with a variable speed trigger
  •  More work with less vibration
  •  Easy to change the blade


  •  This saw is slightly heavier

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05. Black and Decker BDCR20C 20V Reciprocating Saw


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The BDCR20C model offers more power than what you can find in other reciprocating saws. It’s designed for contractors, DIYers, and craftsmen. The first thing you’ll notice is the cordless design. And because it runs on a 20V battery, you expect 30% more work output.

 Stroke length

This is the distance the blade covers in one forward cutting stroke. The 7/8-inc stroke means precise control in delicate works.

 Variable speed setting

If you’re cutting thinner woods, you don’t want to overshoot the mark. This is where variable speed comes in. The saw allows you to cut at slower speeds and gives a speed of 3000 rpm. This prevents damage to the workpiece.

 Lightweight construction

At just 4 pounds, this is possibly the lightest saw in the market. While most lightweight saws are known to make constant vibrations, the BDCR20C model excels in this area.


  •  Variable speed control
  •  The battery lasts longer
  •  Lightweight design


  •  A bit bulky

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06. GALAX PRO Reciprocating Saw


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This saw is equipped with a 4.5-inch blade for multi-purpose cuts of soft metal, wood, plastic, drywall, and more. What’s more, the 20V battery delivers a speed of 3200 SPM. Unlike the competition, this model comes with a trigger switch that allows you to change the speed on variable occasions.

In terms of convenience and safety, GALAX PRO will meet and exceed your expectations. Your purchase will include a reciprocating saw, rip guide, Allen wrench, two saw blades for a circular saw, a charger, and five blades for a reciprocating saw.


  •  Features an integrated trigger for safety and control
  •  Lightweight handheld design
  •  Suitable for home cutting tasks


  •  The battery is not the best

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07. POPOMAN 20V Max Brushless MTW200B Compact Reciprocating Saw



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This model features a brushless motor that optimizes the efficiency of your woodworking. The motor provides 1-1/8-inch while the 4.0Ah 20V lithium-ion battery delivers long-lasting power while cutting.


The on/off button is conveniently located within an arms reach. If you want to adjust the speed, you simply change the pressure on your hand. Other than that, the safety button design prevents accident startup.

Another remarkable feature is the soft rubber handle. It reduces vibration and gives better control. The lightweight design reduces fatigue when working on a time-consuming project.

 Easy blade change

The metal auto-lock provides a tool-free blade changing. You can use the blades to cut thick tree branches, metal, plastic, etc.


  •  Comes with LED light
  •  Lower noise
  •  Higher efficiency
  •  Fitted with a variable speed switch


  •  A bit pricey

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Wrapping it up

The above reciprocating saws are an absolute bargain for people who want a model that suits light to medium work. Before you choose the best reciprocating saw, you should pay attention to the features – the motor, variable speed, blade change, tool length, vibration control, battery, and ergonomics.

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