Top 5 Best Quiet Air Compressors Review of 2020 ( Honest Review )

If you’re looking for an air compressor for your home, workshop, or office, you should invest in a quiet unit. There’s no reason to believe that you should get a model that disturbs the neighbors. But don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll review the best quiet air compressor to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s jump right in!

01. California Air Tools CAT –IP1060S Portable Air Compressor (Silver)


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The CAT –IP1060S is one of the quietest air compressors in the industry that doesn’t compromise on power. Also, the 1.0-gallon steel air tank makes this model easy to transport. When running, it produces 0.6HP and 1.2HP at peak.

This model comes with an oil-free piston pump that gives wear of 3000 hours – most units give lifecycles of 250 hours. And because this is an oil-free pump, you can use it at different temperatures.

The CAT –IP1060S produces 1.2CFM, so you can use nail guns and airbrushes. It’s the best model for inflating tires, cleaning, and sports balls. Of course, it’s ideal for anyone working where noise is an issue. This is one of the best air compressors under 500$


  •  Lightweight design- only 20 pounds
  •  It requires less maintenance
  • The steel air tank guarantees durability
  • Dissipates heat efficiently
  • Fast tank refill


  •  The air pressure doesn’t adjust easily

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02. Makita MAC210Q Quiet Series 1HP Electric Air Compressor


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This model boasts of lower noise, faster recovery time, and gives consistent performance. At only 60 dB, this unit produces an efficient 1 HP and pressure of up to 135 PSI. Because the air compressor runs at lower RPM, it gives longer pump life. When you combine that with the lightweight design, you can be sure the machine can withstand different environments.

MAC210Q fills pressure quickly (50 PSI in 10 seconds), which is great for balls, pool floats, tires, etc. It’s specially engineered for brad nailers, paint sprayers, and airbrushes.

Roll cage construction

It provides added protection during transportation to the job site. The steel cage covers the entire construction and offers protection to the internal tubing. Of course, this makes the unit look attractive on the outside.

 Maintenance free-piston

The maintenance-free dual-piston gives a continuous level of performance.


  •  Gives low noise
  •  Compact to fit in tight spaces
  •  Protected by a roll steel cage
  •  Has the power to run nearly all tools


  • Some users have a problem assembling the unit

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03. California Air Tools 1002C Powerful Air Pressure


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If you’re looking for an air compressor with a low-noise operation and high-volume air delivery, you should check out the 1002C model. It produces a low noise level and delivers up to 6.4 CFM. Because the tank fills fast, you can use it under two minutes. And once it gets used to it, you’ll take 25 seconds to fill it up.

The 2.0HP operates at 1680 RPM, so you get more power at less noise. When you compare with other portable air compressors, this model gives a lifecycle of 3000 hours.

Another great feature is that the air compressor can be used in different temperatures – no oil in the pump. You’ll also love the easy start-up valve.


The 10-gallon steel tank allows you to move the unit around the job site, garage, or shop. Since it’s designed for people who need power, this can be the perfect fit for a person looking for less service and low maintenance.

The large tank has a manual drain valve. This means that you get the option to order a compressor with an automatic drain tank. Another plus for this unit is that the model comes with regulated pressure gauges and two universal quick couplers.This air compressor is best under 1000 $.


  •  Comes with an oil-free system
  •  Easy to use controls
  •  Has two pressure gauges
  •  Fitted with thermal overload protector
  •  Suitable for sunning air tools


  •  Difficult to assemble the unit

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Best Quiet air compressor
Best Quiet air compressor

04. Stealth Ultra-Quiet Compressor 90 PSI Air Compressor


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STEALTH is known for offering different sizes of air compressors, for each case. This model features a 4.5-gallon tank and is tested to be 80% quieter than the standard induction motors. Also, it’s equipped with a 1.3 HP motor that generates compressed air to make your working completely easy.


This model features a heavy-duty housing, upside roller bag design, reinforced wheels, and Q 235 Steel. Of course, you don’t expect any rust issues with this model.


The 1.3HP induction pump generates compressed air while the safeguard ensures your safety.

Dual-piston pump

The motor is oil-free and produces enough pressure to make sure you get the air you need to make the unit work.

To ensure portability, the air compressor comes with carrying handles. Another plus for this unit is the 1-year warranty. Unlike other models in the segment, the unit is designed to last longer. You can use it for nailing, inflation, air wrench, painting, sanding, etc.

Despite the small tank, you get everything you need in a dependable unit. Your purchase will include a Stealth SAQ-1413 Air Compressor, 6-inch electric cord, limited lifetime warranty, and a user manual.


  •  Low noise level
  •  Vertical tank design
  •  Better build compared to other store brands
  •  Comes at a pocket-friendly price
  •  Features an oil-pump free for less maintenance


  •  Lags behind in design and aesthetics

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05. Craftsmen 10-Gallon Portable Air Compressor


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The CMXECXA0201041 model is engineered to produce high output at low maintenance. It features a 10-gallon tank and a powerful 1.8HP motor that gives a maximum PSI of 175. This means that you can tackle all your projects efficiently and with ease. Since the unit is designed to generate high air pressure in a quiet environment, this is an essential tool for home air staff and job site workers.

This is the best quiet air compressor because it’s maintenance-free and has easy to start features. The package includes a compressor, 6-feet cord, ball valve, air filter, and a quick coupler.

 Stable Quick Coupler

The one quick coupler is designed to fit in ¼-inch standard air tool connectors.

Automatic Safe Valve

The automatic air tank pressure valve allows for two modes- manual and automatic. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the safety of this unit when running the device.

Two sensitive gauge

The two gauges play different roles. One measures the tank pressure while the other measures the pressure of the tool.


  • Compatible with standard air tools connectors
  •  Easy to set up
  •  Sleek and nice-looking design
  •  Uses an oil-free pump


  •  Highly-priced but worth it

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The above models come with advantages and disadvantages. They are great for users looking for a quiet model without putting their ears too much of a ringer. But before you make your purchase, you should pay attention to the tank size, oil-free feature, CFM, and power source. Depending on your needs and preferences, any of these models can be a good fit. No matter the unit you choose, you can be sure you’re getting the right product at a pocket-friendly piece.

I hope now you have gathered a lot of knowledge on  Best Quiet Air Compressors. Now you can choose any one of the above compressors for your need.


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