Top 4 Best Palm Sander Review Of 2020 ( Honest Review )

Whether you want to strip weathered paint, smooth a tabletop, remove a finish, or do a basic metal prep, a palm sander is a must-have tool. So, how do you find a sander that is powerful and affordable? Well, we’ve done all that for you. Let’s look at the best palm sander that can give you the best bang for your buck.

01.M 20317 Pneumatic Palm Sander


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The 20317 model is the perfect tool for preparing different types of surfaces before applying furnish or paint. It works by rotating the abrasive disc to form two patterns simultaneously. This sander is arguably one of the most innovative products created by 3M that focus on user experience.


The orbital sander has a balanced 0.28HP to ensure a smooth performance. This is more than what you need if you’re carrying out wet sanding tasks. But what makes this model unique is that the pneumatic unit supplies the power of continuous use and exceeds the capability of the standard electric sanders.

The sander tackles dust management seamlessly on surfaces like fiberglass, wood, and other composite materials. Apart from that, it’s specially designed with 3/16” orbit to optimize the performance of abrasives.

Ergonomic design

To ensure your utmost comfort, this model comes with a rubber grip handle. On the other hand, the alloy steel lever facilitates control and relieves pressure on the hand of the operator.

The speed control is also managed by hand while the durable composite cover reduces vibration. This makes the unit ideal for high production industrial environment. Another amazing feature is the inbuilt noise dampener. You can use the machine the whole day in a busy neighborhood.

In addition to that, this model is whisper quiet. It comes with an aluminum housing to give a study feel without sacrificing on durability. Besides giving your workpiece a smoother finish, the sander works without leaving marks behind.


  •  The beautiful aluminum reduce cracked housing and downtime
  •  The ergonomics design maximizes comfort on the users’ hands
  •  Supplies hours of continuous use
  •  Sizeable pad for faster sanding
  •  Gives quality finishes


  •  The price is on the high side

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02. Professional Air Dual Action Pneumatic Sander


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This palm sander is ideal for feathering, sanding, and finishing. Also, it can be used for all kinds of metal products. The sander comes with lubricating oil to ensure the best performance. No matter the task you throw at the machine, you can be sure it will stand the test of time.


This model is made of lightweight aluminum and is equipped with a cushion grip handle for firm control. Also, the sander is constructed with steel and provides additional wrist comfort. It even features a clever layout. You’ll find the on/off switch located on the grip.

If you’re looking for a lightweight sander you can use for extended periods, this is the best model to work with.

 Average air construction

This sander gives an air pressure of 90 PSI and CFM of 10.5.

Revolutions per minute

The unit gives an RPM of 12000, a great speed for a variety of projects. Best of all, it’s customizable to ensure you get the best speed for every project.


  •  Dual sealed
  •  Affordable
  •  Easy paper change
  •  Comfortable grip


  •  There are concerns about the functioning of the dust collection system


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03. RYOBI P440 18V Lithium-Ion Sander


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This is the first-ever cordless palm sander that gives better accuracy on projects. No matter the task at hand, you’ll have a user experience like no other. It works with many sandpapers and comes with a lock-on switch for easy operation. Keep in mind that this is one of the portable sanders in the market.

The durable construction shows that this model is designed to serve you for as long as possible. When you combine that with the vibration dampening properties, you’ll get the anticipated outcome every time.

Dust collection bag

It keeps the work surfaces clean. If there’s any cleanup, the vacuum adaptor port will make the tedious job a breeze.

 Powerful motor

This model offers over 40 minutes of runtime and about 12,000 RPM. If you need a lower speed, you can always switch to a low setting. And this is what makes the unit hold the top position in the market.

 Rubberized grip

This feature gives you complete control of the tool so you can use it even in slippery conditions. The rubber grip also reduces friction between the hand and tool. Another recommendable feature is the two-hand grip. Whether you’re right or left-handed, you can see what works best for you.

Sanding pads

This model comes with four sanding pads that offer medium grit.

The sander also packs safety features like lock-off throttle and gives an average consumption rating of 8CFM.


  •  Works well on corners
  •  Has great safety features
  •  It’s lightweight
  •  The model has a low air consumption


  •  No instruction manual is provided

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04. Air Random Dual Action Pneumatic Sander


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This unit can handle massive construction projects. It works best in light body works or when refurbishing furniture. This is the best palm sander if you’re looking for durability and quality.


The ergonomic design exudes a national vibe. What’s more, it features a lightweight design so you can use it for a long without fatigue. The loop sanding pad is 5”, which enables you to sand bigger surfaces faster. Besides that, the sander is powered by an air compression that operates at 90 psi.

Since the palm sander comes with heat-treated steel components, the unit will last for a long time.


The low vibration facilitates a smoother finish. This further enhances accuracy in the process. Of course, the heat-treated parts extend durability.


Just like other high-end models, you get up to 12,000 revolutions per minute. The CFM and air pressure stand at 10.5 and 90 respectively.

Another awesome feature is the tool’s sealing – it keeps the dust at bay. Overall, this is a great tool for beginners. The features are what you’d expect from a reputable company.


  •  Works great
  •  Comes with a sturdy design
  •  Lightweight
  •  Inexpensive and worth the money


  •  No dust collector

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Final thoughts

A palm sander is a versatile tool common among hobbyists and professionals. Whether you’re looking for a palm sander to use in carpentry, metal products, or car detailing, the above products can give excellent results. Unlike rotary polishers, the best palm sander doesn’t concentrate friction on a specific region. Instead, it gives a uniform finish on the workplace without damaging the pad. We recommend that you go through our comprehensive guide to find a model that suits you best.

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