Top 5 Best Natural Gas Generators

A gas powered generator is a great investment since you can always keep natural gas on-hand at home or on a construction site. These are known for supplying steady power, making them even better for ensuring you have the power you need without compromise. With all of the different makes and models available, how do you choose which unit to purchase? To narrow down your options, the top 5 best natural gas generators and the most important details about them are listed below.

1. WEN Gas Powered Portable Generator

This generator is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a unit that runs on natural gas. While the 3500-watt model is one of the most popular options, there are 4750-watt, 5500-watt, 7000-watt, 9000-watt, and 13000-watt models you can choose from as well. With this type of generator, operating is easy thanks to the digital readout.

It also features protections for low-oil and overload, both of which can ensure no damage occurs and your unit lasts for years longer. With a half-load, you can expect this to run for 11 hours so you can steadily supply your electronics, lights, or appliances with the power that you need.


  •  Foldable handles and wheel kit for easy transportation
  •  Durable enough for construction sites or home use
  •  4-gallon tank to ensure long running time
  •  Compact enough to bring with you in the car


  •  Pull cord can easily snap in half or break
  •  Very loud; can make using in quiet neighborhoods difficult
  •  Engine kicks quickly and can break soon after

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2. DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator

This portable generator is affordably priced and offers 8000 running watts with a surge capacity of 10000-watts. The heavy-duty frame offers protection no matter where you’re using this and the motor mounts inside are fully isolated to ensure quiet operation.

If you’re worried about knowing how much fuel you have left, this has an oil warning light situated next to a volt meter, circuit breaker, and several power outlets. The 16HP air-cooled engine is both powerful and dependable so you can expect to use this unit for years and years without any problems.


  •  Several outlets available to use, including (1) 120V 30 Amp Twist Lock, (2) 120V 20 Amp 3-Prong Outlets, and (1) 120V/240V 30-Amp Twist Lock
  •  Wheels and pull-out handle make it easy to take this from one area to the next
  •  Built-in spark arrestor


  •  Tools are required to assemble this unit
  •  May be louder than anticipated, making it difficult to use in quiet areas
  •  Not as many plugs as other generators feature

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3. Man Sports Sportsman GEN4000DF Portable Generator

This generator is one that you can use with gasoline or propane, which offers flexibility depending on what you have available and which is the most affordable option. With 4000 rated watts and 3500 starting watts, this can power your electronics, power tools, lights, appliances, and more for hours.

In fact, this can run for 10 hours on a full tank of gas or 10 hours on propane at a 50% load. If you’re worried about noise, this is a quiet generator that produces less than 69 decibels when it’s running. The outlets in this include: (4) 120V outlets, (1) 120V RV outlet, and (1) 12V DC outlet.


  •  EPA approved for safety and peace of mind
  •  1-year limited warranty so you’re covered in the event something goes wrong
  •  Regulator hose is included
  • Low oil shutoff to prevent damage and power outages


  •  Customer service isn’t rated highly, which can be a problem if damage occurs within warranty
  •  Oil is difficult to fill without a funnel, meaning you’ll have to buy additional accessories
  •  Dipstick is difficult to read, making refueling challenging

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4. Pulsar PG2000iS 2000W Portable Gas-Powered Generator

This is one of the best natural gas generators because it’s small, compact, and easy to move around. However, the small size doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. You can expect this to provide steady power with 2000 peak watts and 1600 continuous watts for 120 volt appliances.

With just 1.18 gallons of gasoline, you should get a steady 8 hours of use without compromise. The easy-to-use interface features a recessed recoil start, low oil indicator, overload warning light, AC pilot light, on/off/choke controls, a 12 volt cigarette lighter, circuit breaker reset, and parallel outlets.


  •  When running, this only produces 59-61dB of noise. One of the quietest options available
  •  79cc 3.5 horsepower engine that’s powerful and reliable
  • -The bottom of this unit features rubber feet to reduce noise and vibration
  •  2-year limited warranty for peace of mind
  •  USB outlet built into the interface so you can easily charge electronics


  •  The pull cord can easily break
  •  Must be broken in before you can expect it to run on full power
  •  Same price as other well-known brands

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5. DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered Portable Generator

Another great unit by DuroStar, this generator is both affordable and powerful. It’s powered by gas and has a 7.0Hp air-cooled OHV engine that features low oil shutoff for safety and convenience.

Whether you’re using this at home or a construction site, this unit is safe to take due to its heavy-duty steel frame and fully isolated motor mounts that ensure quiet operation. You can expect this to run for 8 hours total so you can rely on this for steady power for the appliances that you need to use.


  •  4-gallon gas tank that can run for 8 hours
  •  Power plugs include a (1) 120 Volt 30 Amp Outlet and (2) 120 Volt 20 Amp Outlet
  •  Includes a tool kit and instructions so you can get started using it right away
  •  An affordable option that’s more powerful than more expensive brands


  •  Wheel kit is available but you have to pay extra for that convenience
  •  Some units come missing pieces
  •  Very loud, which can make it difficult to use in quiet areas

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Welcoming a New Generator to Your Home

Which of the best natural gas generators will you choose? Whether you go for one that’s budget-friendly or you prefer a more luxurious option, you won’t be disappointed. These are the best because of their features, their capabilities, and their reliability. With one of these on-hand, you’ll never have to worry about having power when you need it the most.

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