Best Jointer Under 1000 Dollars Reviews -You should Know !

Best Jointer Under 1000 Dollars

Jointers prepare the edges of a board for gluing to other boards. That’s the process of joining them. It typically works on a long plane, leaving a smooth, straight piece that tightly bonds to the other section. The benefit of using a jointer is that the preparation of the wood lets you use a thinner and less obvious glue line than you’d otherwise have. Even experienced woodworkers don’t use a jointer a lot but need it to do a good job. That’s why we’re going to recommend a few contenders for the title of best jointer under 1000 dollars.

Top 2 Best Jointer Under 1000 $ Reviews

01. Rikon Brand Mode 20-800H 8 Inch Benchtop Jointer

This Rikon benchtop jointer is a good choice for hobbyists and woodworkers who occasionally join wood. For example, it runs off standard 120 volt power. It does a decent job smoothing wood. It has table extensions that can stretch it from 30.5 to 51.5 inches, so it can handle long 2x4s without a problem. Yet it has a relatively small footprint, so it can fit on smaller tool stands. At 50 pounds, you could pick it up and put it on a standard 14×25 inch tool stand. The base is 11.25 inches by 19 inches.


This benchtop jointer has a number of features you otherwise only find in higher end models. For example, the six-row cutter heads are made from carbide steel. The knives are easy to change. The maximum cut depth is 0.125 inches. This jointer has an 8 inch width (maximum cutting width), enough to handle moderately wide planks. (Planers are used to smooth even broader surfaces.)

It has a moderately strong 10 amp motor that will spin at 20,000 RPM if there is no load. It will cut boards at least 0.75 inches wide and 10 inches long. The minimum thickness of stock is half an inch. We’ll say it is good enough for most hobbyists.

The jointer has an adjustable fence that can tilt from 90 to 45 degrees quickly. Not all jointers can cut corner pieces like this one can.

It has a dust port, but it isn’t great. Combine this with a good dust collector so it doesn’t clog. That is despite the fact that it has two rather large dust collectors built into it. On the other hand, not all jointers have built-in dust ports.

A jointer has rotating blades, so it could cut your fingers if there aren’t good protective measures in place. Fortunately, this model has a spring-loaded safety guard so that it is always in place. Furthermore, there are front-safety on/off switches. It even comes with two push blocks.

The overall noise level is less than 100 dB if there is no load. It is one of the best benchtop jointers in the market.


It can cut cleanly, but it needs to be carefully tuned or balanced. Unfortunately, leveling the table requires removing four hex bolts on each side or eight in total. These bolts only cover the adjustment sleeves. The sleeves themselves are screwed in, too. That makes getting the jointer perfectly level as bad as assembling or disassembling it.

After all, you have to half-disassemble it, level it, reassemble it, and verify it is level. The only upside of this approach is that it will not move once everything is locked into place.

The aluminum fence has a single small screw. That means there isn’t a way to lock it into place while you’re tightening it. This can impact the quality of work.

It needs significant maintenance. You’ll need to oil it and keep it clean. We’ve already mentioned the dust ports that are prone to clogging, if you’re generating a lot of wood dust.


  •  Excellent safety features
  •  Fences can tilt at an angle
  •  Good overall value


  •  Difficult to adjust/level
  •  Clogs on dust despite dust collectors

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02. Shop Fox Model W1876 Benchtop Jointer

 The model W1876 benchtop jointer by Shop Fox is a six inch model. The maximum cut depth of this unit is 0.125 inches. The maximum width of cut is six inches. It is unusual for having both metric and inch cut depth indicators.


It has a relatively powerful 1.5 horsepower motor. This jointer has a top cutter head speed of 12000 RPM. It has spiral-style cutterheads; there are 12 inserts for them. Each insert is made for a 14mm x 14 mm x 2 mm blade. And everything can run off standard 120 volt 60 Hz power.

The aluminum fence is easy to adjust. It also has a knob-adjustable infeed table with a lock on it. That means that you’ll get very precise cuts. And adjusting its position is not a time-consuming process as it is with the Rikon model.

We’re not going to consider the 6 inch width an issue, because not everyone needs to be able to smooth larger workpieces. But the smaller work surface does contribute to a lighter power tool, though it isn’t made to be portable per se. The table size is 6.25 inches by 30 inches. The entire unit weighs 43 pounds.

This is lighter than average for this product class. Shop Fox does make much larger jointers. For example, they have a 12 inch heavy duty model. But that unit requires 240 volt power to run the 3 horsepower, 15 amp motor. And it is the industrial sized units that have cast-iron fences on Shop Fox shop tools.


It has a single 2.5 inch dust port. It isn’t going to do much to control dust, so get a supplementary system if not a fan. There is no large port in case you’re generating a lot of dust.

There are no extensions for the work table. If your work piece is too long, you’re going to have to come up with supports on your own.

It has basic safety features like a lockout power switch, but it lacks some of the advanced safety features found on the Rikon.


  •  Easy to adjust
  •  Can measure cuts by inches or centimeters


  •  Weak dust control
  •  Can’t handle larger pieces

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The best jointer under 1000 dollars will work handle the size and shape of wood you plan on working with. Extras like full dust control and highly adjustable but stable work surfaces are a plus.

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