Best Jointer for hobbyist review of 2021

Best jointer for hobbyist review

A benchtop jointer is a must-have tool for any woodwork hobbyist. It’s virtually impossible to get a smooth cut without it. To help you make a wise investment decision, we have reviewed the best jointers for your home or business.

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05 Best Jointer For hobbyists Reviews


Craftsman is the best jointer for hobbyist that features a two-cutter header to make the tedious task of leveling a breeze. It has a center-mounted fence that helps to improve your working accuracy. And to prevent corrosion, there’s an adjustable tunable screw set.


Craftsman benchtop jointer comes with a 10 amp motor that provides power for soft and hardwoods. This is the best tool to work on your chairs, table legs, frames, DIY fences, and more. In addition to that, this unit allows you to adjust the speed and gives control for flattening, edging, or face jointing.

This jointer works with 110-120V current, but you can use a power stabilizer to step up or down.

Variable speed

This benchtop jointer gives a variable speed of up to 11000 RPM. You can adjust the speed depending on the size and hardness of the material. Lower speeds are suitable for soft materials, while higher rates are suitable for hard materials.

Ease of use

What makes craftsman the best jointer for hobbyist is easy to use. In case of emergencies, you can press the safety power switch, and the unit will stop working instantly.

Maintenance, repairs, and warranty

The home-to-use design ensures the user can do basic maintenance like lubricating the moving parts. And to ensure tidiness in your workshop, you can get a collection bag. Best of all, this tool comes with a 3-year limited warranty to cover any defects. It is the best jointer under 500 $.


  • It’s quite powerful compared to other jointers
  • Limited warranty
  • Features a variable speed
  • The knife blades are replaceable


  • No collection bag


The Porter-cable jointer is the best jointer for hobbyist and woodworking enthusiasts. It features a variable speed of 6000 – 11,000 revolutions per minute, so you can choose what you want depending on the hardness of the object. You can tune on faster movements on hardwood or slower motion on pliable woods.

The jointer allows for knife adjustment, thanks to the cutter lock and fence. Of course, it will do more work than the general woodwork.

The PC160JT model has a feature dust-port that allows for accurate edge jointing. Also, the tremendous mounting method ensures positive stops at 45-90 degrees. Best of all, the table measures 30 inches so you can work on long thick boards with ease.

Flatten and square

The jointer allows you to make flat services, so you can shape the wood according to your requirements. And you can decorate your home with the original masterpieces – table legs, chairs, and more.

Best for cabinet resizing

If you want to redo your kitchen, a jointer can be the best tool for fitting doors and cabinets. You can also show your creativity with some art. But because the versatility depends on the user, you’ll get used to the task.You can choose it because it is one of the best jointer under 1000 dollars.


  • The built-in cutter lock head facilitates knife replacement
  • The fence ensures accurate edge jointing
  • Variable speed functionality
  • Easy to set up


  • It has a flimsy fence


The Porter-Cable 557 model comes with an industry-leading motor for woodworkers and professional cabinet makers. If you’re a hobbyist, you’ll appreciate the versatile fence design. You can use the seven cutting designs for a variety of applications.

The robust performance of the 120V motor allows the jointer to rotate the blade at 10,000 rpm. Also, the fence tilts up to 135 degrees, and the micro-height adjustment knob guarantees proper positioning.

Advanced fence system

This model features a keyhole slotted blade cover that ensures accurate height readings. It also ensures easy blade changing or removal.

Blade options

The 557 model offers two blade options: two-inch and 4-inch. A positive adjustable stop means proper positioning and versatility.

Setting up the cut

If you want to get the best cut, you must set up the biscuit cut selector. While the fence position is relative to the edge of the woodwork piece, it must be angled to the stop. When the operator sets the biscuit size, the cutting depth will automatically set to the correct stop.

Making the cuts

Unlike other comparable models, cutting is quick and painless. Interestingly, the forward grip will help to align the tool in place. But once the front face of the tool makes firm contact, everything works seamlessly. If you’re not careful, the slot may wander and throw the alignment off the two joints.

Trigger lock

It comes in handy when you need to cut a lot of slots at a time. Moreover, the lock accelerates the cutting process, and you never have to redo a piece.

Dust collection

The 557 model ejects dust through the collection port. And once the bag gets full, it drops automatically. If you choose to rely on the cloth bag, you should expect some annoyances.

Carrying bag

The joiner comes with a carrying case to keep all the accessories. All tools are held in place without rattles – it will serve you well.


  • Comes with an innovative fence system
  • Offers different cutting settings
  • Equipped with best industry motor
  • Lightweight design
  • Features a micro-adjustment knob


  • Not the best for heavy-duty tasks


Von Haus is the perfect woodworking tool for flawless joints. It’s suitable for all wood types – from building wooden furniture to carpentry jobs. This motor boasts a powerful 8.5 Amp 120V for flawless performance. Just like other comparable models, Von Haus has a string base that minimizes vibrations. If you’re a woodwork hobbyist worried about adding a versatile jointer to your workshop, this model is for you.

Ergonomic design

This model comes with a grip handle to ensure your comfort. The joiner is also compatible with 4” diameter blades.

Accurate cutting

This tool can accurately cut holes for butt joints, T-joints, miter joints, and corner joints. And because it allows for height and depth adjustment, you can craft something that suits your project.

Pre-set biscuit sizes

The biscuit joiner features preset stops for biscuit sizes 0-20. There’s also an M setting that allows you to cut custom depths Allows users to take control

This tool features a large top grip that ensures comfortable operation. On the other hand, the adjustable tilt fence can be locked between 0-90 degrees. This is perfect for angled biscuit insertion.

Furthermore, the tilt mechanism ensures straightness is attached to the table. You also get enough room for large pieces of wood.

With the dust collection, you can be sure you’ll keep the working area free of debris. And this will give you the best possible view.


  • Gives accurate cuts
  • The ergonomic handle ensures the best comfort
  • The dust collection port is easy to clean
  • The pre-set stops guarantee accuracy
  • Allows for easy adjustment of height, depth, and angle


  • The motor is not fully protected from dust


Dewalt is the best jointer for hobbyist on a tight budget. This tool is engineered to perform in any environment thanks to the 6.5amp motor. Also, it provides 10,000 revolutions per minute when working in the hardest woods.

But what makes the tool unique is unrivaled safety – there are no unexpected movements on the workpiece. The heavy-duty aluminum shoe ensures the tool is clamped down for stationery work.

Locating notch

This model comes with a 45-degree locating notch that allows for off indexing. On the other hand, the heavy-duty aluminum shoe ensures the joiner is clamped for stationary work.


The dual rack and pinion fence guarantees accurate joints every time. Because the fence is integrated into the overall design, you can adjust from 0-90 degree angles. Moreover, the vertical adjustment mechanism uses a single pinion and runs the entire fence length.

When you turn the knob, the gauge on the left side will show the distance between the fence and gauge. On the left side of the fence, you’ll find an angle adjustment mechanism. There’s also a thumbscrew lock to ensure the fence stays in place.

For easy setup, this unit allows for biscuit sizes of 10 and 20.

The plunge mechanism

The motor of the jointer moves along two slots on the base plate. And during a cut, you can be sure there will be no measurable drift in any unwanted direction. The user can choose any of the four settings to adjust the exact cutting depth.

Blade changes

While changing blades on this model may look cumbersome, it’s still practical. First, you have to remove the four screws that secure the plate. The process resembles that of a wheel grinder.


The manufacturer provides a generous 3-year warranty. In case the product doesn’t work according to your expectations, you can take advantage of the 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Features a heavy-duty aluminum shoe
  • The anti-slip pins hold the work in place
  • Easy to set up


  • Takes time to remove the blades


If you’re cutting a tough workpiece, you can choose any of the above tools. They are powerful, versatile, and durable to accommodate heavy-duty materials. And because of their compact size, you can place the jointers anywhere in your garage or workshop.

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