Top 06 Best Hybrid Table Saw Review of 2020 (Very Important)

Woodwork is heavily skilled-based, laborious, and most of all, it’s technical. Thankfully, a hybrid table saw can get the job done. Despite its costly package, it guarantees the safest and fastest results.

Whether you’re a woodwork novice or DIY enthusiast, you need the best hybrid table saw to do the job at hand. But with so many models to choose from, it can be difficult to select the right tool for your needs. In this post, we’ll review the different models, including the specifications and features.

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Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

01. Powermatic PM 1000 1791000K


The PM1000 model is a compact and an incredible saw known for its incredible level of accuracy. It’s the first Powermatic cabinet table saw wired for 115V usage. The Powermatic comes with a 4HP motor and a poly-V belt that maximizes motor efficiency.

Even better, the exclusive Powermatic Accu-fence system gives you the stability that you need. It’s worth mentioning that this is one of the most power-efficient saws on the market.

This model comes with 7” handheld wheels that provide momentum of the blade. And because it’s equipped with a dust collection hose, you’ll find an unblocked path that reaches the collection point. That’s not all – the tool guard will ensure your safety. If you’re a woodwork enthusiast, the Powermatic will help you shape your creativity.


  •  Comes with an adjustable meter gauge
  • Maximized dust collection
  •  The study miter gauge allows for adjustment of all range of cuts
  •  Low power consumption
  •  The tool-less guard maximizes safety


  •  The bolts can sometimes make contact with the blade


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02. DEWALT table saw DWE7485


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The DWE7485 table saw is designed for hobbyists who need a powerful tool without spending a fortune. With dimensions of 26.65” x 14.08” x 27.15”, this saw is compact and can fit in tight spaces. Also, it features a lightweight design making it easier for one person to carry. Looking at power, the motor generates 14 amps at 5800 RPM.

Another remarkable feature is the telescoping fence rails. It provides support beyond the table surface and keeps heavy loads balanced. No matter the work at hand, you’ll keep heavier loads balanced between the rails and the table.

This model uses a smaller 8.5-inch blade and has a 24.5-inch rip capacity, enough to break down six plywood sheets. However, the 12-inch rip capacity limits left-handed users.

 Steel blade and The dust collection port

When it comes to blade adjustments, this model will exceed your expectations. For many professionals, a smaller steel blade means low kickbacks. This model uses an 8.25-inch blade, which means less energy to spin.

You should expect a cut depth of 1 3/4” 45 degrees and 2 9/16” at 90 degrees. And with the easy to reach adjustments, you can adjust the height of the blade without straining yourself.

The dust collection port measures 2” that can fit many vacs. Make sure you keep an eye on the hose as it can interfere with the riving knives. Just under the table saw, you’ll find a secondary dust port. But depending on the task at hand, you’ll have less interference from it than the one mounted on top.


For an unobstructed view, you should clean the blade guard regularly. The anti-kickback pawls will keep the piece secured and eliminates the majority of these lose parts.

This model comes with a modular guard system that allows you to remove the pieces without having to disconnect the entire system. The MGS has been the industry standard for several years now.

DEWALT comes with a power loss reset system that prevents the saw from turning back in case there’s a power outage. The power button is conveniently located within an arm’s reach to prevent accidental starting and push kick.


What makes this model the best hybrid table saw is the sturdy design and compact size? It also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which gives customers the confidence to make a purchase. Finally, the manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty, one of the longer power tool coverage in the industry.

Your purchase will include a table saw, push stick, miter gauge, blade changing wrench, and anti-kickback pawls.


  •  Equipped with a powerful motor
  • Easy to use
  •  The compact size ensures ease of transportation
  •  The metal roll cage boosts durability


  •  No wheeled base
  •  A bit heavy

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03. Jet 708674PK XACTASAW Dulexe 3HP


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The Jet 708674PK model is designed for both DIYers and professionals. It provides exceptional functionality if you know the precise way to do it. Although the saw looks bulky, you don’t have to worry about the storage space in your workshop – this model takes the win. The XACTA Fence II design ensures better performance, accuracy, and safety. You’ll also love the built-in drawer that ensures everything is within an arm’s reach.


Other than design, this hybrid table saw comes with a powerful 3HP motor so you should expect user-friendly performance. Besides that, the push button arbor lock makes the operation safer. For maximum safety and functionality, the quick change riving knife system incorporates ease of functionality. It’s designed to reduce the risk of kickback or binding.

The saw includes cast-iron extension wings (the largest in its class) and heavy-duty trunnion. Both provide the flexibility you need to handle large tasks with ease. Of course, the precision ground tabletop guarantees hassle-free workplace positioning.

Ease of use

To ensure optimal power transfer, this machine is fitted with a poly-V belt system. With the 708674PK model, you don’t have to worry that the jarring movements will compromise your results. The soft-grip handles and chrome-plated hand wheels ensure a large crosscutting capacity.

The package includes a table saw, one blade guard assembly, two large hooks, one 27 mm arbor wrench, one miter gauge assembly, one push stick, and a warranty card.


  •  Smooth and quiet operation
  •  Comes with a shrouded blade for efficient dust collection
  •  Equipped with a storage drawer
  •  Quick access to motor and belts


  •  Takes a large space in your workshop

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04. Grizzly Industrial G1023RL Table Saw


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The G1023RL Table Saw appeals to anyone with a medium-sized workshop. It’s powered by a 3HP motor that produces up to 3450 RPMs. When you combine the cast iron table and massive wings, this is arguably the best hybrid table saw for professionals. The high speed ensures a smoother and cleaner edge, so you can be sure you’ll get the perfect angle for your cuts.


One of the vital components for the high RPM is the sealed ball-bearing construction. It ensures the dust doesn’t get to the internal components. Of course, the closed design eliminates the need for lubrication. This model meets the UL 987 Standards and doesn’t compromise on performance.

The table saw features all the best of old models including serpentine belt power transfer, a new reviving belt system, an improved quick release guard, and a knife system. If you want to cut large woods, you should connect the dust collector. The table has T-slots, so the meter gauge will not fall off the slots.

The maximum cut depth at 45 degrees is 2-1/8” and 3” at 90 degrees. For ease arbor movement, this machine comes with large handheld wheels. Your purchase will include one steel cabinet, a magnetic safety switch, and 4” dust port.


  •  The miter gauge doesn’t fall off the table when retracted
  •  Comes with two extension wings
  •  Solid construction
  •  Fitted with fully adjustable guard plates


  •  No leveling feet
  •  The dust may bother you when adjusting the blade

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05. Delta 36-6023 10-Inch Saw Blade


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Delta has been a reputable brand for decades and guarantees the best possible cut. The 36-6023 model is powered by a 15-amp motor and is maximized for durability. At first glance, you’ll appreciate the 32.5-inch capacity. And with the square 559-inch table surface, the one-step folding stand provides you with the stability you need for those large cuts.

Another remarkable feature is the pinion fence rails that make adjustments smooth and accurate. It utilizes three adjustment knobs while ensuring consistent and true cuts.

Delta 36-6023 is a powerful tool for contractors and DIY enthusiasts. To use the saw, you just slide the fence and make your recommended cuts. In terms of storage, you can be sure the saw excels in all areas. As some of the best hybrid tables saw, you’ll know where your accessories are thanks to the onboard storage unit. And best of all, the tabletop is easy to clean.


  •  Faster assembly due to the fewer parts
  •  Fast breaking system
  •  Has a swivel wheel for easier mobility


  •  The packaged parts don’t suit some customers

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06. Sawstop 1.75 HP contractor Saw


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This saw features an iconic start technology and is known for its quick four performance stages – you can stop, drop, detect, or reset. In the rest mode, you can be 100% sure that the operation is safe for the user. Also, if the saw comes to a drop, the angular momentum of the blade drives it beneath the saw.

The blade carries a small electric signal, so when the blade gets into contact with the body, it changes the signal. Furthermore, the 30-inch aluminum extrusion fence offers the safety and versatility you’d expect from a table saw.

What makes the Sawstop the best hybrid table saw is that it aligns the wood frame to the recommended dimensions. And because it produces the least movements, you can be sure you’ll get accurate and precise cuts.


  •  An effective dust collection system
  •  Ultra-smart and safe
  •  Comes with two cast-iron wings
  • Features 90-second reset mode


  •  The motor system is prone to overheating

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Since woodwork is a serious skill to master, you can be sure the above saws will give the perfect combination of power and safety without compromising on accuracy.

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