Top 3 Best Gas Chains Saws

Are you in the market for a gas chainsaw? One of the most challenging parts of investing in one of these is deciding which brand and model to go with. There are many good options, although some are better than others because of their features and unique qualities. If you want to skip the worst and go straight to the best, then check out the top three best gas chain saws listed below.


1. Remington RM4618 Outlaw Gas Chainsaw

This chainsaw is designed to quickly cut through wood to make any project you’re working on go more smoothly and take less time. It features a powerful 46cc 2-cycle engine that offers continuous power to accommodate your project from start to finish. There’s also an 18-inch bar and low kickback chain to make operation as seamless as possible. With an ergonomic design that makes holding the chainsaw easier, you can better balance so you can work and maneuver more safely than ever before.


  •  Quickstart technology makes it easy to start the chainsaw when compared to other models
  •  Included with the chainsaw is oil, a carrying case, and bar
  •  18″ bar can cut through larger trees with ease


  •  The on and off button doesn’t work well for some buyers
  •  Must clean the air filter regularly for it to run well
  •  Can easily leak and get oil onto your belongings

2. Husqvarna 440E 16″ Gas-Powered Chainsaw

With a 40.0cc 2.4HP engine, this chainsaw is both powerful and reliable so you can get any type of project done on-time. It comes with a 16″ bar that’s equipped with a side-mounted chain tensioner that ensures a smooth operation from start to finish.
The low vibration system helps lessen fatigue as you work and can even contribute to smoother results. For those who want something that’s easy to get started, this unit is an ideal choice with its start/stop switch and fuel pump.


  •  Transparent fuel indicator allows you to quickly check fuel levels
  •  The air cleaning system within this unit removes dust and debris before reaching the air filter to improve engine longevity
  •  Quick release air filter for easy cleaning


  •  Doesn’t come with as many accessories as other models
  • More expensive than other gas-powered chainsaws

3. Poulan Pro 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

This chainsaw is made with a powerful engine that is earth-friendly because it cuts emissions by 70% and fuel consumption by 20%. This tool also comes with an easy-to-use pull system to make it easy to start without a struggle. As an added benefit, this reduces wear on the engine so it lasts longer.
You’ll also find a combi tool in the rear handle that makes it easy to take care of any maintenance you need to get done. In addition to this, the coke and stop controls are combined to reduce the risk of the engine flooding.


  • Environmentally friendly and helps you save money on gas
  •  Low weight so you can easily take this with you to jobs
  •  2-year limited warranty offers you peace of mind


Handle can easily break off and make using the chainsaw difficult
 Some users have had difficulty with this running reliably
 Must read the manual in order to operate properly (which takes time)


Choosing Your Gas Chain Saws

The 3 best gas chain saws listed above are highly rated, designed to last, and equipped with features that you’ll love. They are also made to run on gas, which you can take with you on jobs to ensure you can operate your tool from anywhere. Which will you buy? Any are sure to be great investments!

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