Best Electric Wood Chippers For Better Work.

You have a lot of wood and branches to chop up. It’s difficult work to do by hand, especially if you have a large pile and it seems like more and more branches are falling. The best electric wood chippers will help you quickly chop up that pile and turn it into itty-bitty pieces of wood chips. No need to turn a motor or fill the chipper with gasoline, all of these are easy to start and plug into a standard outlet.

Top 5 Electric Wood Chippers

01.Sun Joe 15-Amp Electric Chipper and Shredder, CJ602E

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If you’re looking to turn that pile of dead branches into garden mulch, then this Sun Joe electric wood chipper is ideal. Just plug it in and start feeding it branches and twigs. Not only that, but it can easily shred leaves and other thin materials. Turning it on is just as easy. No gas or cord pulling, just turn the button on and it will start chipping up wood.

The motor turns at 4,300 rotations per minute and will reduce your wood to 1/17 of its original size. This unit can take branches up to 1.5 inches thick, which should cover most branches. Anything thicker must be reduced in size beforehand.

A great safety feature is that the motor will stop running if the hopper is opened, greatly reducing the chance of injury.


-Features a compact design that is easy to wheel around, plus it’s an incredibly safe chipper and shredder.

-Chops up large branches in seconds to create natural mulch for your garden and yard.


-Can sometimes jam from leaves, so try not to feed too many leaves at once.

-No collect unit on the bottom. Wood chips will spray onto the ground. Be sure to have a box or garbage bag available, or have it pointing wherever you want mulch.

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02.Earthwise 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder with Collection Bin, GS70015

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Here’s a powerful little unit that can break up all your branches into tiny pieces. It can also break down leaves and softer materials, ensuring that all of your lawn refuse can be easily transformed into useful, beautiful mulch and compost.

This chipper allows you to break down branches up to 1.75 inches thick, and the 15-amp motor will power through even the hardiest woods. A collection bin on the bottom will collect the chips and can hold 1.2 bushel’s worth of material.

There are two wheels on the back that make moving the chipper a breeze. Just lean it back and let the wheels carry the weight.


-The collection bin makes it easier to clean up and spread the mulch, plus it holds a good amount of material.

-A powerful 15-amp motor easily breaks down branches up to 1.75 inches thick.


-Best for branches and wood, materials that are too soft or moist may jam the motor.

-Some customers find the opening a little too small for leaves, but you can easily push them in if you use branches.

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03.Greenworks Corded 15-Amp Chipper and Shredder, 24052

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You’ll love this chipper and shredder as it can turn a big pile and twigs and branches into a tiny pile of chips that you can spread all over your lawn. The 15-amp motor gives this chipper just the right amount of kick, ensuring that it can easily chew through any branches you feed into it.

This is one of the best electric wood chippers as its rated to destroy branches up to 1 3/8 inches thick, which should be more than good enough for your yard. There are also reversible blades, which should help reduce jams from leaves and moist materials, and large wheels to help with moving the unit. You get a small collection bag at the bottom to help collect all of the wood and leaves after you’re finished.


-Can break up thick, 1 3/8-inch branches, which should be adequate for most yards. Can also break up leaves and other materials.

-Features reversible blades to reduce jams and make this more effective at breaking up wood.


-The collection bag is fairly small, so you’ll have to empty and replace it frequently with larger jobs.

-Has no carbon footprint, none at all. Perfect for those who are worried about the environment.

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04.PowerSmart PS10 15-Amp Electric Shredder and Chipper

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Get ready to have a bunch of mulch on your hands, cause this electric chipper works wonders on twigs and branches. You can break up branches up to 1 5/8 inches in thick, which should be plenty unless you’re cutting down full grown trees.

It’s not just powerful, it’s also very safe. There’s a safety hopper feature that will stop the motor if you open the unit, ensuring that you don’t cut yourself when you expose the blades. There’s also overload protection that keeps the chipper from overloading. There are 6-inch wheels on the back to help with transport.


-Can break up branches up to 1 5/8 inches thick, perfect for most yards.

-Is considered a very safe chipper as it will automatically stop whenever the unit is opened.


-This chipper is noisier than others. While it’s not the loudest chipper, it may cause a disturbance if used very early in the morning.

-While the wheels help keep the chipper mobile, they are a little smaller than on comparably sized chippers.

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05.Eco-Shredder 14-Amp ES1600 Electric Chipper, Shredder and Mulcher

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Most of the chippers and shredders on this list work great with wood, but they have a tendency to get clogged with leaves. What sets the Eco-Shredder apart is that it specializes in leaves. As long as you feed the unit consistently, it should keep taking in leaves without issue. Not only that, but it has a thick slot of branches and can take up to 1 3/8 inches.

The patented three-way cycle ensures fine, consistent grinding that breaks everything down into small pieces, making it one of the best electric wood chippers. It’s also incredibly quiet, ensuring that you don’t disturb neighbors as you’re breaking down lawn refuse.


-The three-cycle feed ensures that all grinds are consistently sized and it reduces jams and issues.

-Quieter than most other chippers and shredders, plus it works wonders with leaves.


-The motor is slightly weaker than others, clocking in at 14 amps. This likely won’t be an issue, but you might notice a difference with thicker pieces of wood.

-There’s no collection unit at the bottom, so it will create a pile on your yard unless you place a box or bag under there.

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