Top 5 Best Electric Pole Saws for Easy Use !

Are you in the process of cleaning up the trees on the outside of your home or office? While you might be able to take care of most vines or branches with a pruning saw and shears, those won’t always do the trick. When you have particularly high and thick branches and vines, a pole saw is a piece of equipment you can’t be without. These will allow you to reach the appropriate height so you can finish cleaning up your greenery without calling in a professional.

If you’re ready to buy, then the top 5 best electric pole saws listed below are excellent options to choose from.

1. Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Chainsaw and Pole Combo

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Made by the well-known brand Remington, this electric pole saw is affordable and designed to make your tree trimming tasks easier than ever before. It’s ideal for small limbs that are located in areas that you can’t easily reach. The pole extends anywhere from 10 to 15 feet overhead, giving you added height that can allow you to get the job done.

The saw features an 8-amp electric motor that has a low kick-back and 10-inch bar and chain. When adjusting, the lock on the pole clamps quickly so you can secure the length you need and get the job done. The instant start feature makes this tool even more user-friendly and worth having in your garage for pruning.


  •  Chainsaw detaches from the pole without the need for tools
  •  The pole will not rotate so you can cut securely and without a greater risk of injury
  • The nonslip grip allows you to keep the pole secure as you’re cutting
  •  The unit is lightweight to prevent strain


  •  It is normal for the oil to leak, which can mean a mess in your garage or on your clothes/hands
  •  Cannot take apart once the pole is put together
  •  No spy hole to tell how much oil is in the unit, although it is advertised

2. Snow Joe Sun Joe SWJ800E Electric Pole Chain Saw

This is another great electric pole saw, as it extends to 8.7 feet to allow you to reach overhead to cut limbs, branches, and vines. The pole is strong, sturdy and designed with a comfortable handle so you can use with stability for better results.

When it comes to the saw, the 6.5 amp motor provides steady power that can cut branches that are up to 7.5 inches thick. This is possible thanks to the 8″ Oregon cutting bar as well as the heavy-duty chain that automatically lubricates to ensure smooth operation. You can use this to tackle areas that are difficult to reach with more ease than ever before.


  • You can turn this on with the touch of a button because it’s electric
  •  Safety switch helps prevent accidental start-ups
  •  Auto-oiler keeps the chain lubricated as you work
  •  One of the most affordable units available


  •  Many users say the chain slips off easily
  •  Not as durable over time as other brands, which can mean spending more down the road
  •  Made with cheap materials, which is why this is available at a low price point

3. Worx WG309 Electric Pole Saw

Available in orange and black, this is one of the best electric pole saws due to its affordable price and user-friendly design. This begins with an 8-foot extension pole that can be put together without the need for tools. When it comes to the saw, the 8-amp motor is reliable and powerful so you can use it on even thick branches without any worry.

The oil tank can hold 120ml, which will allow you to get even a large job done from start to finish without having to regularly add more oil. If you’re pruning, this pole saw comes with a rotatable working handle that will make it much easier to prune areas that may be situated at odd angles that would be otherwise difficult to reach.


  •  Lightweight design makes this easy to hold, even for a long time
  •  Reach areas up to 10′ without needing to haul out a heavy ladder
  •  The design includes an automatic oil pump and auto-tensioning chain, which helps lessen fatigue and extends the life of the bar/chain
  •  Extension pole can easily be removed so you can use just the saw


  •  The unit is top-heavy and that can make it difficult to hold
  •  Chain can easily come off and make working difficult
  •  Too heavy for some users

4. Greenworks 8-inch 6.5-amp Pole Saw

If you don’t mind a cord, this Greenworks electric pole saw is an affordable option that works well. It’s designed with a 6.5-amp electric motor that quickly starts and can be easily adjusted with the chain tensioning system that tightens the chain in seconds.

If you find you need oil, this unit has you covered with the automatic oiler that oils the bar to extend the life of the chain. The shaft can be extended 8 feet in total so you can work without needing to haul a ladder out.


  •  Can be used with outdoor extension cord for versatility
  •  8″ Oregon bar and chain can cut small or large branches
  •  Oil doesn’t drain quickly so you don’t have to constantly replace it


  •  Difficult to check oil levels
  • Best for small jobs rather than larger heavy-duty jobs
  •  Heavy powerhead that can be difficult to hold for long periods

5. Black + Decker PP610 Corded Pole Saw

This is another electric pole saw that comes with a cord but is affordable if you don’t need cordless. Designed by one of the most well-known brands in tools and equipment, you won’t be disappointed with the 6.5-amp motor that can get you through several trees with ease.

The 10″ bar and chain offer excellent performance for all types of branches and vines, and the automatic oiling system ensures those stay in shape for years to come. The pole extends to 9.5″ so you can tackle branches that would otherwise be unreachable or difficult to get to even on a ladder.


  •  Affordable and has great reviews, making it a budget-friendly choice
  •  Weighs less than 8 pounds so you reduce strain while working
  •  Designed to reduce vibration so you work more steadily


  •  Too top heavy for some users
  •  Many users have reported that the chain comes off too easily
  •  Can be difficult to control, which can be dangerous

Buying Your Next Pole Saw

By choosing a pole saw that’s electric, you’ll be able to get tough vines or branches that are located at an elevated height taken care of in no time. These minimize the amount of elbow grease you have to put into the job and produce beautiful results. With the best electric pole saws listed above, you can’t go wrong. They are made well, have great reviews, and are worthwhile investments for your home or business.

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