Best Diesel Generators 2021

Best Diesel Generators

Are you looking for best diesel generators 2021 ? Maybe you have a heavy-duty project outside and you need some extra power for your tools or lights, or maybe you want to protect yourself against blackouts from storms and other emergencies. In either case, getting one of the best diesel generators is a great idea.

Diesel has a better shelf-life than gasoline, making it best in true emergencies where gasoline may not be available for long. These generators deliver serious power in small packages, and you’ll soon find out which is best for your needs.

Top 3 Best Diesel Generators 2018

01.Generac 6864, 5,000 Watts Running/5,500 Watts Starting

If compact and durable are two things you need in a diesel generator, then look no further. This unit provides a lot of power for such a small package, and it’s surrounded by steel bars that protect the inner components.

You get clean electricity here with their True Power Technology. This gives off less than 5% harmonic distortion, which you want when running any appliances or tools. Harmonic distortion can cause sensitive circuits to short out. While some generators operate at 10% or more distortion, this one gives you a clean, smooth experience.

What about diesel load and run time? This generator can take 12 gallons of diesel at once and run for just over 32 hours without being refilled (at 50% load capacity). Not only that, but the Yanmar air-cooled engine is industrial-grade and meant to last. You’ll get efficient power without worrying about the generator stopping abruptly.

The generator is easy to start with a single-touch button that will get the generator going. However, you must have a battery. Otherwise, the generator must be manually started.


  • The low harmonic distortion means that you can run most tools and appliances with this generator. Heating elements, TVs and stereos are fine. Only incredibly sensitive tools may run into issues with this level of harmonic distortion.
  • An integrated hour meter ensures you know exactly how much longer that you can run the generator, plus the 32-hour limit is quite good for sustaining your tools and appliances.


  • You will need a battery to run the generator, so be sure to buy one or have one ready before starting it up.
  • The generator is fairly loud. This is common with diesel generators, but it can still be an issue if you try using it with your home and you have neighbors who dislike noise.

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02.DuroStar Silent Generator, Portable Diesel DS7000Q

If you’re looking for a portable diesel generator with many convenient features, then this one is perfect. Not only is it easy to move from one location to another, but it’s also easy to start and it doesn’t create much noise.

Let’s talk about run time and diesel capacity first. The DS7000Q generator can run for about 12 hours and carries just under 4 gallons of diesel. While this isn’t as long as the Generac generator, it also requires less diesel to achieve the same amount of time.

What makes this one of the best diesel generators is that it can start so easily. Just push a button and it’s ready to go. However, this is only if you have a fully-charged battery in the generator. If not, then there’s a cord to help you manually start it. Even in this case, the engine is easier to start than most.

You get a 12 volt, 120 volt and 220 volt protected outlets, and vibration isolation improves durability of the main unit. An included muffler keeps operations quiet and the housing is durable enough for usage outside.


  • This diesel generator is quieter than most, ensuring that it’s easy to use for your home. It’s also great if you just hate hearing the generator going hour after hour.
  • You’ll find this generator is much easier to start than others. As long as you have a battery, the generator will start with the push of a button.


  • While 12 hours should be enough power for projects, this can be a problem if you’re using the generator for your home. Be prepared to fill it up halfway through the day.
  • May have issues with sensitive equipment due to standard harmonic distortion levels. However, this is usually fine for most appliances.


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03.Pulsar Silent Series PG7000D, 7000-Watt Closed Frame

This Pulsar generator is nice and quiet, delivering a high amount of energy along with numerous outlets for home and project usage. You’ll also love how easy it is to start and use this portable generator, ensuring that you are up and running within minutes (sometimes even seconds).

The max output of this generator is around 7,000 watts, but its rated output is closer to 5,500 watts. In either case, this should be enough for most projects. The 4-stroke, air-cooled engine delivers smooth, consistent power and will stay at optimal temperatures during operation.

You get a good number of outlets for your appliances. There are two 120-volt standard outlets, a 120-volt/240-volt twist lock and then a standard 120-volt twist lock. This should give you enough outlets for your tools and appliances.

The push-start ensures that you can easily start the generator without any fuss. The diesel tank can take up to 3.3 gallons at once, and it runs for about 10 hours before needing a refill. This should get you through most projects, but be ready to refill if using for your home.


  • The push-start interface ensures that you can get the generator started without pulling a cord. Perfect for those who just want power without fooling around with the generator.
  • This is one of the best diesel generators in terms of noise. It’s very quiet and perfect for home usage, or for those who don’t like noisy generators.


  • The run time is lower than the other generators on this list. If you’re using this for your home, then you’ll need to refill the tank once or twice a day for consistent power.
  • There is no idle feature. The generator will run at 3,600RPM at all time when it’s switched on, so be sure to use it as much as possible when it’s turned on.


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These are the best best diesel generators 2018 .You can buy any one of them they are really best value for money.

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