Top 4 Best Cordless Grinder Review Of 2021( Don’t Miss)

Angle grinders are power tools for DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors. You can use them to grind, cut, sharpen, or file. Also, the technology used in batteries makes them powerful than their corded counterparts. In this post, we’ll review the best cordless grinder to ensure you make a worthwhile investment.

01. DEWALT DCG413B Brushless Cutoff Grinder


DEWALT DCG413B is a small angle grinder that offers a longer motor life and requires no time to change the brushes. It features a quick back brake that engages to stop the wheel if there’s a stall.

Besides, the brushless motor delivers more runtime and offers a no-load speed of 9000 RPM. This tool is powered by a 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery that gives a nominal voltage of 18 and an initial voltage of 20.


This unit comes with an arbor size of 0.625 inches, wheel diameter of 4.5 inches, a paddle switch, and metal motor bearings. The outer cover is made of steel so the grinder will stand the test of time. And because it easily opens, you can access the components for easy maintenance.

On the rear side, you’ll find some vents that prevent the motor from overheating. What’s more, they direct the dust particles away from other machine parts.

 Side handle

The two-position side handle ensures comfortable when working on the grinder for longer hours.

 E-switch protection

The on/off trigger switch has no release function and prevents power outage in case of an unexpected power outage. Of course, the trigger switch should be cycled to restart the wheel.


Because of the high spinning speed, an angle grinder can be a dangerous tool. This tool comes with a brake safety feature where the wheel stops in less than two seconds. If there’s a pinch, it engages fast to stop the machine.

Another important feature is the two-stage trigger system- it engages the trigger before depressing the paddle. This eliminates the risk of accidents. However, you have to take the necessary precautions like using gloves and face masks when operating the unit.


  •  Come with a good battery life
  •  The wheel stops in two seconds
  •  The brushless motor guarantees a longer life
  •  It’s quieter
  •  Doesn’t require an extension cord


  •  There are concerns that the grinder overheats


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02. Makita XAG04Z Cordless Angle Grinder


If you’re looking for a grinder that doesn’t compromise on power, the XAG04Z can be a good fit. It features an automatic speed change technology that comes in handy in demanding tasks. This unit is ideal for cutting, sanding, and cutting a wide range of materials.


This unit uses a lithium ion-battery that generates a speed of 8500 RPM (more than the average angle grinders). Besides that, it comes with a 5/8-inch bearing spindle and electronically-controlled brushless motor.


For convenience, this model comes with a rubberized grip that is helpful when working in humid and wet conditions. This reduces fatigue and increases comfort when working on long. And because of the lightweight design, you need less power to handle the tool.

 Lock-on feature

Since the switch has a lock-on feature, there’re fewer chances of accidents during operation. Best of all, this model is equipped with an LED gauge that shows how much battery is left before you run out of juice. That way, you can plan on the usage of the tool without having to stop mid-way.


  •  Uses an automatic speed technology
  •  The brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes
  •  Comes with a side switch for user convenience
  •  The spiral bevel guarantees smooth operations
  •  The rubberized gives more comfort


  •  The speed I fixed


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03. Ryobi P423 Grinder


Ryobi is a brand known for manufacturing durable power tools. The P423 cordless grinder is an excellent tool for small and medium-sized projects like grinding, cutting, sanding, polishing, sharpening, etc. It comes with a cordless design, so you can work anywhere you want.


While this may not be the most powerful tool in the market, this unit is strong enough to cut ceramic tiles, PVC, welded metals, piping, and much more.

The grinder provides 10400 revolutions per minute, but the battery life will depend on the model you choose. On the downside, the battery is not included in the package. It takes less than two hours to fully recharge the battery.


The 4-1/2” wheel can be used in a wide range of applications and is easy to replace. And because it comes with an onboard spanner wrench, you can use multiple wheels to tackle the jobs that come up.

 Adjustable side-mounted handle switch

To ensure you have enough leverage when you work, the handle switch can be adjusted in three different positions. Another great feature is the grip zone over mold – it allows you to hold a tight grip. So, no matter where you use the tool, the P423 model will serve you well.

 Free-tool cut angle adjustment

With a push of a button, you can adjust the cutting depth when using different materials.

 Ease of use

Once you equip the tool with the battery, you just squeeze the trigger, and the wheel will start to rotate.

Compared to similar tools, the P423 grinder can perform the basic functions without any complications.


  •  Comes with an ergonomically designed handle
  •  The tool guard allows for quick depth adjustment
  •  Affordable angle grinder
  •  Lightweight design


  •  The motor can overheat for an extended period


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04. POPOMAN Brushless, Cordless Angle Grinder




POPOMAN is a brushless angle grinder equipped with a large 4.0Amh battery to ensure high performance. It delivers 20% more power than other brushed grinders. This is the best cordless grinder for polishing, cutting, and grinding.

 Ease of use

This model is fitted with a rubber auxiliary handle for right and left-handed users. Also, it allows for a quick change of accessories like a spindle lock.


The tool comes with a two-stage trigger. When you combine that with the overload protection design, you can be sure the battery won’t overheat. If this grinder detects overload, it cuts the power supply. This extends the tool’s life. On the other hand, the burst-proof is easy to adjust and allows installation at different angles.

Your purchase will include a brushless angle grinder, anti-vibration side handle, adjustable wrench, quick charger, grinding wheel protector, and a user manual.


  •  The dual lock-on switch prevents accidental startup
  •  The tool-free wheel changes with a wrench
  •  The side position handle allows you to choose the angle that suits you best
  •  Comes with a heat dissipation structure that prevents overheating
  •  The brushless motor saves time


  •  Battery not included


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The best cordless grinder will make the tedious task of cutting metal a breeze. The above models will ensure you get the power that you need. They come with an automatic speed change technology, brushless motor, and have a soft grip comfortable handle.

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