Top 5 Best Cordless Electric Chain Saws

If you’re looking for a chainsaw, you’ll quickly find that there are a wide variety of options on the market. While power is an important detail to consider, the features are important as well. The cord, in particular, is something you may not want to have around. Fortunately, cordless chainsaws are available and can make it easy to both use and carry this piece of equipment.

The five best cordless electric chain saws below are some of the best options in particular to consider bringing to your home or business.


1. Worx WG322 20V Chainsaw


This automatic chainsaw by Worx is lightweight and cordless, making it one of the most portable and easy-to-carry options on the market. The oil lever indicator makes it easy to see when you need to recharge and offers peace of mind during operation.

With a 20V battery, this chainsaw is powerful and capable of doing many tasks you might face on the job or during construction projects. There is also a charger included that offers flexibility with where you can power-up.



  • Charger can be used with a variety of other Worx tools
  • Cordless so you can use without worry of tangling the cord
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  •  Chain may not stay on bar
  • Not as powerful as other chainsaws


2. Earthwise LCS32010 Cordless Electric Chainsaw


This Earthwise electric chainsaw is highly rated and equipped with all of the features you could need on this type of equipment. Although there are many models available, the 10-inch 20V is one of the most highly rated and can provide you with the steady power you need for a wide variety of projects.

However, if you need more power, there is a 24V and 58V available. This unit comes with an automatic coiling system and oil level window so you can operate with peace of mind. It also features steel bucking spikes and a molded handle that offers comfort as you use.



  •  Quick 1-hour charging time so you can use without a long wait
  •  Clean air choice; no gas, no fumes and no emissions
  •  Lightweight at a little over 7 pounds
  •  Wrap around handle included


  •  Gears can break easily and mean not being able to use until replacement comes
  •  Cutting quality isn’t as good as with other models
  •  Not as sturdy, potentially due to the lightweight design

3. EGO Power+ Cordless Chainsaw


The Ego Power+ is one of the best cordless electric chain saws that features a high-efficiency brushless motor with a powerful 6300 RPM. If you plan on using this outdoors, you’ll enjoy the weather-resistant construction that helps prevent rust and deterioration in the rain or snow.

When it comes to safety, this unit has you covered with a chain kickback brake, which also enhances your control. As for power, the 56V engine is one of the most powerful options out there and can cut through everything from thick trees to small branches.



  • Chain tensioning knob to make it easy to change tension based on what you’re cutting
  •  Brushless motor helps enhance longevity of the unit
  •  5-year tool warranty and 3-year battery warranty included for peace of mind
  •  Standard charger included so you can recharge as you need to


  • Chain oiler hasn’t been operational for some buyers
  •  Battery doesn’t last as long as others do
  •  May need to be replaced within a short amount of time


4. Greenworks 14-inch Cordless Chainsaw


This affordable chainsaw features a brushless motor that is both reliable and powerful, which can allow you to cut longer on a single charge. This type of motor also lasts longer than alternatives, which will save you money in the long run.

When you use this, the wrap around handle will help give you more control while offering more comfort so you don’t strain your hands or arms. The 2AH battery is included with the unit, as is the charger so you can keep it powered up at all times.



  •  14-inch blade means you can cover more area without struggle
  •  Battery charges in just one hour so you can finish projects on time
  •  Lightweight and easy to use for a wide variety of household or construction projects


  •  Leaks oil, which can ruin projects and your clothing
  •  Blades aren’t as high quality as those on other makes and models
  •  Not great at cutting at angles, which can limit the projects you can do

5. Oregon Cordless 40V CS300-E6 Chainsaw


This chainsaw comes with everything you need to get to work, including a charger and powerful 2.4Ah battery. One of the unique features of this unit is that it comes with the PowerSharp System, which allows you to sharpen the blades from dull in just a few seconds. When it comes to power, you can rely on the brushless motor to perform like you need it to and provide high torque for fast cutting power.

The 16″ bar is long enough to easily accommodate anything from a tree to something small, making this ideal for a wide variety of jobs and projects. The 40V Max Lithium Ion power can run for a long time and the cell technology is high quality so you get strong power that won’t fade as you work.



  •  You can expect to cut approximately 250 (2-3cm) branches with one single battery charge
  •  No cord to worry about tangling up on what you’re cutting; cordless allows portability on the job
  •  The sharpening system included can save you time and money
  •  You can change the tension with a simple turn of a knob


  •  Battery doesn’t last as long as many users would hope
  •  Chain can easily come off of the bar and make working difficult
  •  Battery can easily break down and need to be replaced

Your Next Chainsaw

The top 5 best cordless electric chain saws above will not disappoint! They are made to last, powerful, and have great reviews from those who own them. To determine which is right for you, simply take a look at the descriptions to become more familiar with all that each of them offers. From there, it will be clear which is suitable for the projects you’re going to take on.

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