Top 7 Best Corded Drill Review Of 2020 ( Very Good)

We all need to do some home improvement from time to time. Without the right tools, this can be an impossible task. A powerful drill is key to a satisfying job when faced with any repair task. The corded ones can handle any solid tasks you throw at them. Let’s look at the best corded drill that doesn’t compromise on performance.

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01. DEWALT DWD210G Electric Drill


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DEWALT is a brand known to build quality tools for professional usage. The DWD210G model is powerful and works flawlessly when drilling any surface. It’s packed with a 10-amp motor and overload protection, so you get durability in every drilling operation.

The smooth variable-speed reversing trigger gives more precision in drilling. You’ll also love the soft-grip handle. Because the drill is specially designed to allow for a two-finger use, power control is quite easy.


This machine fits in wood and steel applications thanks to the brilliant engineering. When used in a self-feed unit, it can handle a capacity of 2-9/16 “. If you’re working on an auger bit, you get a 1-1/2-inch capacity. Likewise, if you use the drill with a hole saw, you get 2-inch capacity in steel and 3-5/8” in wood.

The metal gear housing ensures durability while the keyed inch grip prevents slippage. Since the drill is made from quality materials, it will stand the test of time as long as you use it for the right purpose.

Lightweight design

At only 49 pounds, this model can handle different tasks without feeling fatigued. And because it’s perfectly balanced, you won’t feel pressure when using it.


The two-finger trigger ads to the safety quotient. Even better, the handle locks in place, something you need when working on rough surfaces. Many features add to its safety, and thus it’s an ideal tool for any garage.

Overload protection

If you use the drill beyond what the motor can support, the overload protection will come into play. This ensures the unit doesn’t burn out or get damaged.


  •  Easy to carry around
  •  Comes with high RPM
  •  Durable construction
  •  Comfortable operation
  •  Varied applications
  •  Extended warranty


  •  Doesn’t come with a trigger lock

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02. DEWALT DW235G 7.8-Amp Variable Corded Drill


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This is a powerful yet versatile model that suits a variety of applications. With the DW235G drill, you’ll enjoy features like variable speed control, auxiliary handle, and comfortable pistol so you can work smarter.


Just like other high-end models, this unit goes a step ahead to ensure you get accurate results. At first glance, you can be sure the rubber trigger will give overall command of the drill. Besides that, this model weighs 49 pounds, which reduces user fatigue after extended use.

 Reliable construction

The sturdy construction makes the drill functional in both wood and steel applications. When you combine that with the keyed inch capacity, you can be sure this model will handle whatever you throw at it. Because it’s built for repetitive drilling, it can be the perfect addition for your workshop.


  •  Greater comfort and control
  • Stays cool throughout the project
  •  Gives more versatility
  •  Lightweight design


  •  You must hold the device with both hands when using it

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03. DEWALT 3/8-Inch corded drill (DWD115K)


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If you’re looking for the best corded drill that can work the whole day without breaking down, you can’t go wrong with the DWD115K model. It’s what you need for projects like decking and roofing.

 Efficient motor

This model features an 8-amp motor that is powerful enough to tackle all tasks with ease. It delivers up to 2500 RPM speed, which is great news for heavy-duty applications. But want makes this unit unique compared to other models is the 3/8-inch ratcheting and keyless chuck that gives better bit retention.

Ease of use

This drill is lightweight and well-balanced – it can give any other model a run for its money. The only controls you get are the forward and reverse trigger.

Mid-handle grip

As a powerful corded drill, this unit keeps the handle in place and ensures grip comfort. The trigger is placed in the middle, which boosts the ease of handling.

 Durable construction

The all-bearing construction makes the drill comfortable when carrying it outside.


  •  A powerful tool with no frills
  •  Comes with a non-slip rubber design
  •  The manufacturer gives a 90-money back guarantee
  •  The motor has an overload protection


  •  You have to drag the cord around

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04. SKIL 6335 Inch Corded drill


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The 6335 model is designed to tackle tough applications like a pro. You’ll love the 7.0 amp motor – it helps to tackle any job with ease. The inch corded electric-corded drill machine provides more stability when working on tough materials.

On the other hand, the keyed chuck allows a tight clasp of bits that can be switched depending on the application. There’s also a fluctuating speed button that gives precise control of the machine allowing you to speed up your preferences.

 Lightweight design

This machine is known to lessen fatigue when using it for a long period. When you combine that with the lock-on trigger, you can get rid of tiredness by a simple press of a button. Not only that, the anti-slip pattern reduces the exhaustion of the operator.

For additional safety, this model comes with a 2-finger trigger lock on.

Variable speed options

This feature gives much-needed control over the drill. You can adjust the speed depending on your needs. No matter the one you choose, you can be sure you’ll get the perfect outcome every time.


  • Because it’s cordless, the won’t bother you on battery replacement
  •  Can handle heavy-duty applications
  •  The chuck accepts larger bits
  • The side handle gives accurate operations


  •  The handle makes it difficult to use in tight spaces

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05. Bosch 11255VSR 8 Amp Corded Drill


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Bosch is a renowned brand with the right tool for your job site. The 11255VSR model gives maximum power and gets the jobs done right the first time.

 Design and power

This machine comes with a 7.5-inch motor that operates at 1300 RPM. What’s more, it can deliver 2 ft. /lb. of energy. The D-handle design is suitable for downward and overhead drilling operations. You also get three modes of operation: hammer, rotary hammer, and rotary only.

Another feature that makes this model stack up above the competition is vario-lock positioning. And to optimize the working angle, you can lock the chisel into different positions.

The 11255VSR drill is fitted with a variable speed trigger that helps to remove bound bits and fasteners. There’s also an integral clutch that disengages when the bit gets into the bind. And to ensure greater flexibility in your job, there’s a rotating brush plate.

 SDS-Plus Bit System

It provides quick bit changes, dust protection, and automatic bit locking. The drill also comes with a HammerHook that allows for quick tool storage. Finally, the cord turret gives flexibility when working and a longer cord life.


  •  Gives three modes of operation
  •  Comes with an anti-slip grip
  •  Allows for simple removal of fasteners
  •  The integral clutch minimizes torque reaction
  •  Has an end-to-end dust collection system


  •  Not the best for drilling through a plaster

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06. Bosch 1-1/8” RH328VC SDS Rotary Hammer with Vibration Control


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If you’re working on unforgiving concrete, this model can be a sure bet. It offers an ideal combination of impact energy, drilling speed, and comfort. That’s not all- you get an excellent power-to-weight ratio. This tool excels when it comes to versatility.

There are three modes of operation –hammer only, rotation, and rotation only. You’ll also find an integral clutch that enhances project flexibility and minimizes torque reaction.

 Two-step vibration control

The rotary hammer reduces vibration through a two-step process. Even better, this tool features rubber dampening elements.

 Excellent power-to-weight ratio

At only 7.7 pounds, this machine is powered by an 8-amp motor. Also, it provides 2.6ft. / lb., so it’s the best rotary hammer in the class. And for a more accurate bit starting, you get a variable speed 3-finger trigger.

Vario lock

The lock places this unit in a neutral position. And because the tool allows you to choose different variations, you can tune where you want the chisel to sit.


  •  The grip maximizes user comfort
  •  The cord is long – you don’t need an extension
  •  A carrying case is included
  •  Engineered for maximum dust removal


  •  A bit pricy

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07. Vonhaus Rotary Hammer Drill



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Vonhaus is designed to power through brickwork and tackle the most challenging DIY projects. You can use it for tasks such as digging out old grouting, taking off tiles, removing plaster, etc. The first thing you’ll notice is the 10-amp motor.

Because all projects are not the same, you can choose chisel-only, rotation, or hammering. If you want to make the biggest impact, the drilling option will help you make the biggest impact.


Whatever the job at hand, you can be sure you’ll always be in control (1-9/16-inch for wood and 1-3/16” for concrete).

The set includes a hammer drill, SDS chuck, SDS drill bits, depth gauge, and a storage case.


  •  Comes with three-mode functions
  •  The swivel handle allows for 360 degrees rotation
  •  It’s incredibly versatile
  •  Comes with extra chuck


  •  Not the best tool for precision

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Wrapping it up

Whether you’re looking to repair something at home or add new fittings in your garage, the above drills can be a good fit. They are durable, portable, easy to use and come with useful features. But just like any other drill, you have to consider the power, chuck size, and motor speed when looking for the best corded drill. If you’re on a budget, the above models will offer a decent performance.

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