Best Benchtop Metal Lathe of 2020

The M1015 model is the best benchtop metal lathe with all the features for large-scale turning. It gives tool makers, model makers, weekend machinists, and gun hobbyists a way of producing threaded parts, dies, and fittings. This tool comes with thread gears, a 3-inch jaw chuck, and offers a selection of accessories.

Also, this lathe has features that you can only find inexpensive models. Because this is a more affordable lathe, it’s the ideal option for budget-conscious individuals. It’s made in an ISO 9001 factory, a sign of quality craftsmanship. This is one of the best lathes in the market.

Thread cutting

It can cut threads 16-24 TPI. You’ll also get a gear threading chart to help you get the desired threads per inch.

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Feed rates

This model comes with two rates that move approximately 0.002-0.004 inches per revolution. When you combine that with the efficient adjustments, you can be sure you will get efficient turning and accurate cuts. On the other hand, the speed can go as high as 2000 RPM. This is enough to cut through metals just like other milling lathes.

Auto and manual feed

The handwheel comes in handy when manual turning is required in operations. And with the feed clutch system, you can disengage the feed from manual to automatic. If you want to achieve the right angle cut, you can use the longitudinal wheel.

What makes this unit unique is that it can handle larger materials and can take up a wide array of projects.

Compact design

While most lathes may not have a place in your workshop, this model can easily be stored in a garage. Another important feature is the control panel. It allows you to make adjustments to the clutch knob, rotation selector knob, and speed dial. Furthermore, this lathe is incredibly durable thanks to the solid construction. The ruggedly built quality assure safe and reliable operation.

The overall dimensions are 27-3/4-inches (L) x 11-1/2-inches (W) x 12-inches (H). It weighs 78lbs and will work perfectly in stores and workshops where space is a problem.

Brushless motor

This unit is equipped with a 1HP brushless motor. When you combine that with the variable speed, you can be sure you’ll have enough power for all your projects.

Ease of operation

The other thing you’ll love about this unit is the ease of operation. Another important feature is the reverse switch as it allows you to accommodate different threading ranges. Keep in mind that the self-centering piece holds the workpiece steadily in a position that facilitates accuracy. It also adjusts to a variety of cuts.

Other features include a maximum tool size 3/8″ x 3/8″, tailstock barrel travel of 2”, spindle bore 3/8”, and a cross slide travel of 2-3/8″.

This tool comes with an instruction manual and provides the professional results that you need. The only downside is that there’s no LED. This makes it a bit hard to know the accuracy of your applications. If you know how to use a lathe this will help you more.


  •  Has a built-in overheat protection
  •  Fitted with a micro switch for enhanced safety
  •  Easy-to-read digital readout
  •  The construction is good
  •  Versatile design


  •  Can only handle small items

Without a doubt, this lathe will make you go from a beginner to a professional woodworker. But because of the features and dimensions, there’s a possibility that you’ll outgrow this lathe with time. If you’re looking for a mini-lathe, but you’re on a tight budget, you can’t go wrong with the M1015 model.


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