Top 3 Best Beginner Table Saw of 2020 ( Safe & Good)

While every woodworker loves the precision of cuts, there’s a sense of going a notch higher when a table saw enters the picture. When you’re starting, the type of saw you choose matters a lot. The best beginner table saw should be pretty comfortable, safe, versatile, and portable.

Let’s take a closer view of the top three models you may want to consider when making your investment.

Top 3 Best Beginner Table Saw Reviews



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This is the best beginner table saw with features worth the money. It can handle small tasks and is easy to move around. What’s more, it has a 24.5-inch capacity, enough to break down eight plywood sheets. This saw is equipped with a 5800-RPM motor to handle the majority of the applications.

 Size and weight

With dimensions of 26.65 by 14.08 by 27.15 inches, this model is compact to fit in small spaces. Also, when you compare with other saws in the category, it weighs less.

 Telescopic fence rails

DEWALT DWE7485comes with a unique design that includes a pinion telescopic rail guard and rack. This means that you can keep heavier loads balanced between the rails and the table.

 Blade adjustment

The DWE7485 model uses an 8.25-inch blade (instead of 10.2-inches) to reduce kickbacks. And despite the smaller blade size, it allows the user to make a 45-degree bevel. The adjustment knobs are within an arm’s reach, so you can make small adjustments without straining yourself. Keep in mind that this saw comes with a 5/8-inch arbor, so you won’t have issues when shopping for blades.

Safety components

Ask any table enthusiast, and they will tell you that safety begins with the blade guard. If the blade comes into contact with your project, you should clean it immediately. Generally, the anti-kickback pawls keep the piece secured and prevents the loose parts from flying back to you.

A blade brake also increases the work speed and stops when there’s a power outage. In addition to that, the power button comes with a guard to keep your fingers away as you work on your project. This model is fitted with a dust port and has a larger opening to handle dust extraction hoses.

Your purchase will include a table saw, push stick, blade changing wrenches, miter gauge, 24 tooth blade, and a modular guard system.


  •  Portable
  •  Allows for a variety of cuts
  •  Gives smooth and accurate cuts
  •  Stable and powerful


  •  The 8.5-inch blade limits the thickness of the cut


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This model allows you to perform the toughest applications with ease. And thanks to the lightweight design, you can work seamlessly on various materials. When you compare with the outgoing model, this table saw comes with a new rack-and-pinion fence system. No matter the size of wood you’re working on, you can be sure you’ll get accurate cuts every time. On the other hand, the all-metal construction ensures durability.

The stunning features guarantee the cuts you desire from your woodwork. Shockingly, this model gives a higher torque – you’ll notice this on rip cuts. For example, the extension lock mechanism works similarly to a table saw, which gives more confidence when cutting on wood.

While the pinion system makes the length adjustment more accurate, the fence also plays a key role. And because it works close to the blade out, it can support 30-1/2-inch cuts. You also get an extra inch between the push stick and taller fence. This reduces friction on the material.

The rack and pinion are easy to adjust. If you want to lock the fence in place, you should use a cam lock. And just like other high-end saws in the market, this model comes with a flip-over guide for ripping thinner material.

Rolling stand

Because this model is heavier than the predecessor, the massive 16-inch wheels allow for maneuverability. The wheels are sturdy and are extremely useful upstairs or when walking on a rough job site. Of course, the saw easily loads on a pickup truck.

 Ease of use

The first thing you’ll notice when you turn the saw on is that it’s quieter than other saws in the same class. According to the manufacturer, the 15-amp motor gives cuts that are 3-5/8 inches deep.

 Worm motor

The worm motor gorges on high electricity and produces impressive results. As the best beginner table saw, you get a higher RPM rate and more toque, not to mention, it will cut 4times the speed of a regular table saw.

How does the Skilsaw ensure precision? It’s based on factors such as fence movement system, riving knife positioning, and blade positioning. Because the saw comes with a lock mechanism, the fence will sit in one place as you carry on with the cutting.


  •  Outstanding motor
  •  The drive mechanism gives higher rip cut capacity
  •  A dedicated dust collection system
  •  Compatible with other table saw parts and accessories
  •  Comes with a dedicated tire lock mechanism


  •  Quite heavy
  • The fence movement system is difficult to use

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Built with rugged components, the Rockwell Blade Runner saw will ensure every tool works to perfection – even in the most demanding jobs. And because of its unmatched versatility, this is a must-have in every project.

Measuring only 15.75” x 17”, Rockwell doesn’t take much space in your workshop and can fit in tight spaces. Besides that, it comes with 5.5 amps of power, which allows for light to moderate cutting of wood.

 Multiple cuts

With the RK-7323 model, you don’t need multiple tools to perform the scroll, rip, and inside cuts. All you have to do is change the blades. Also, you should not underestimate the compact size. This saw features a larger rip fence that allows for wider cuts.

Rockwell stands behind their tools, and that’s why this model comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  •  Easy to set up
  •  You don’t require additional tools when changing the blade
  •  Provides a variety of cuts – from ripping to intricate designs
  •  Portable


  •  It must be clamped on the workbench
  •  Heavy to move around

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If you’re a contractor, you know what a good saw means to the project. As a beginner, you should go through the manual to understand the instructions. Whether you need a saw for crafts, job site, or housework, the above models can be a sure bet.


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