The Best Air Compressors For Nail Gun Review

Do you need a pneumatic tool to handle the ordinary task of nailing? Whether you’re a weekend DIYer or a professional, you need an air compressor for a nail gun. The best tools should combine power and efficiency. Here is a detailed review of the best air compressor for nail gun.


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BOSTITCH is the best air compressor for nail gun for DIYers and professionals. It’s ideal for exterior finishing and suits a variety of crafts like cabinets, staircases, and furniture. The air compressor features a 2.6 SCFM 90 PSI pump and 150 max PSI 6.0-gallon tank. Your purchase will include a portable air compressor, straight finish nailer, air hose, and crown stapler.


The air compressor features a maintenance-free pump that is easy to use. This eliminates the risk of oil stains on surfaces. Also, you don’t expect any downtime – this saves you time and money.

Efficient motor

The motor is easy to start in cold weather. Generally, the brand nailer can drive 18-inch nails (5/8” to 2”), while the straight finish nailer drives 1.25” to 2-1/2” nails. Additionally, it can drive heavy-duty 3/8” crown staples from 0.25” to 9/16”. And with a 78.5 dBA operational noise level, this unit will help you work in a quiet environment.

This unit comes with a 15-feet hose that offers plenty of maneuverability. Portability is a crucial factor when searching for a nail gun. BOSTITCH comes with handles, so it can easily be carried by hands.


  • The kit is covered by a 1-year warranty
  •  Requires no daily maintenance
  • Low noise level
  • Comes with a high-flow regulator
  •  The tank fills very fast


  •  Works well on Bostitch nails over other brands

You may read how to operate the air compressor.


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The BTFP3KIT model is a powerful compressor for every nailing your need. It boasts of a 6-gallon tank that provides fuss-free operation.

Your purchase will include an air compressor, 1-1/2” straight finish nailer, PVC air hose, and a heavy-duty crown stapler.


The air compressor comes with a sturdy handle to help with portability. You’ll also find buttons on the face – they are helpful when checking the performance level. The long hose makes it a convenient tool to use outdoors.


The framing collated nailer drives 1.5-inch to 3-1/2 inch nails. It has an interchangeable tip that allows you to accurately place nails. And despite the lightweight design, this unit gives remarkable driving power.

Another notable feature is the 150 max PSI 6.0-gallon tank and 2.6 SCFM that delivers 90 PSI pump – this guarantees quick recovery and longer running times. Plus, the low noise level is perfect for a quiet work environment. The high-efficiency motor starts well in cold conditions.

Regardless of the tool, you’re operating, you can be sure the nail gun will give an unmatched performance.

Oil-free pump

This machine doesn’t need maintenance. Of course, you won’t find accidental oil spills, which are common in other comparable models.


  •  You get a decent CFM for a single tool
  •  This is an all-inclusive kit
  •  Well-built and durable
  •  Fills quickly
  •  Easy to move around the job site
  •  High-efficiency


  •  A bit complicated to use
  •  May not suitable for heavy use


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If you need a heavy-duty air compressor, you can’t go wrong with the DEWALT D55140 model. It offers high-performance operation and is well-suited for different household applications. The first thing you’ll appreciate is the one-gallon tank. This machine can be used for custom installation of shelves, remodeling, and pressure-testing plumbing lines.


The air compressor is made of heavy-duty cast iron and has full cage protection that protects the machine from any damage. Plus, the wrap-around control panel guards the key parts of the unit. You don’t have to worry about any accidental damage. For increased efficiency, this unit comes with a control panel that covers the key components.

Lightweight design

DEWALT compressor is lightweight and compact to fit in tight spaces. It’s just 9-inches in size and weighs around 24 pounds. Because it’s recommended for light work, this tool can be used in any type of situation.


The air compressor boasts of 2.6-gallon motor that delivers 135 PSI. This pressure is enough to do any work in and out of the house – it’s also great for driving nails on a hard surface.

The air compressor has a flow rate of 0.75 SCFM at 135 PSI. Furthermore, the drawing motor ensures easy startup while the regulator provides maximum pressure for increased performance. More interestingly, the motors can run effectively all-year-round. Also, you can be sure you’ll not counter hindrances caused by the season’s impact.

Given the bulkiness of this unit, it’s best suited in professional mechanic shops and gives a high level of performance that you need in your home.

Oil-free construction

This unit is easy to maintain, and you don’t have to worry about changing the oil. Of course, the oil-free design eliminates the need to keep refilling the tank and prevents the oil from transferring to the work surface.

The ball drain valve ensures quick tank draining, and the cord can be wrapped for easy storage.

Power supply

The air compressor runs on electricity (120V), while the universal motor provides a constant power supply. The flow rate is efficient that you’ll hardly experience excess current flow. You can know how to work air compressor.


  •  Comes with a protective roll cage
  •  Durable oil-free design
  •  Backed by a one year warranty
  •  Offers high performance easy to maintain
  •  Fast recovery time
  •  Operates quietly


  •  There are concerns about the quality of the manifold/regulator


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Campbell is a portable compressor that offers all the power you need when nailing. It’s designed for home use and can be ideal for a hobbyist. Whether you’re a DIYer or a professional hobbyist, you can’t beat the convenience of the 3-gallon tank.

The compressor includes an inflation needle connector, 25-feet recoil hose, inflation needle, and a quarter-inch female chuck.


The compressor boasts of a portable design and is easy to move from one project to another. Also, the lightweight design means that you can move the unit stress-free. This unit comes with a handle for easy maneuverability.

The robust construction is another feature that makes the compressor unique. It can withstand any kind of beating so the unit will stand the test of time.

Another reason why Campbell is the best air compressor for nail gun is that it has a conveniently placed gauge that allows you to monitor the air pressure.

Oil-free pump

Campbell is an oil-free pump, so it doesn’t require any maintenance. You’ll not spend a dime buying the oil, and you don’t have to clean the tank.


This machine is reasonably quiet and can fulfill the needs of any DIYer. The compressor features 0.4 SCFM at 90 PSI and 7 SCFM at 40 PSI. The combination of low noise and high PSI makes the unit ideal for the most powering tools on the job site.

But what makes Campbell compressor unique is the cold weather start feature. It can be helpful if you’re off the grid.


  • Relatively quiet operation
  •  Exceptional CFM
  •  Portable
  •  Oil-free pump for easy maintenance
  •  Reaches max PSI quickly


  •  Bulky to transport
  •  Takes longer to fill the air pressure



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Metabo is an air compressor that offers greater PSI than the regular pancake compressor. It gives 4 CFM (30% more airflow than comparable models) and allows for multiple body nailers. Also, it weighs 7.5 lbs. and is well-balanced to enhance maneuverability.


The first you’ll appreciate about this regulator is the eye-catching design. It features a cast-iron body that protects the unit from outer barriers.

High capacity

The high capacity tank can fill 3-4 car tires easily and enables the air to hold for longer. It will also do well for professional and heavy nailing.

Oil-less motor

This model doesn’t require any oil to run smoothly – this is a remarkable feature in a modern compressor. No oil means you don’t need much maintenance and provides smooth airflow in your project.

High PSI

A highly pressurized compressor will suit different types of works and will make the tedious task of nailing faster and smoother. This is because it supplies pressure for longer.

If you want a dependable model, you can’t go wrong with this model. It allows you to work smoothly and delivers consistent power. This is one of the best-rated air compressors for home fittings and renovations.


Being a professional air compressor, Metabo can help to regulate weight at a particular stage. The lock gives a continuous flow of pressure and a specific time.


  •  Can run two nailers
  •  More versatile
  •  Suitable for any quick task
  •  Fairly quiet
  •  Durable construction


  •  It’s louder than other models


If you want the best air compressor for nail gun, you can’t go wrong with the above models. They feature a compact design so you can move them from one area to another. In addition to that, these compressors come with high PSI to help you push out air to the drive nails. Even better, they come with a large tank, so your nail gun will keep working at full power. Of course, these models give the best value for money.

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